Are we all just pretending?  

rm_Torsch2 69M
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7/26/2005 2:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Are we all just pretending?

How many guys are out there that consider themselves straight that have always wondered how it would be to try it with another guy?
I remember as a kid, fooling around with my buddies. We would play strip poker, and that led to many little games, like put it in your mouth and such. But we never thought it was gay, just fooling around.
Then as I got to High School, I thought it was only right for me to date girls, and I did, but found that I was still thinking of "fooling around" with some of my buddies. The older I got the more "fooling" I did, and finally I just decided it was time to admit I liked guys for sex much better than girls.
This website has amazed me with all of the "bi-curious" and "prefer not to say" statements on the guy's bios. While I've only been a member for a couple of months, I've been contacted by several others and almost every one of them is married or living with a woman. I'm openly gay here, so I was dumbfounded to see so many "straight" guys looking for contact with a gay man. Anyone have an insight into this?

rm_luvtoliku269 76M
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8/14/2005 7:05 pm

I'm sure a lot of guys are curious too as I am. Been married many years and do love sex with a horny woman, but I also get turned on by reading stories about gay sex by both men and women. I experimented with it as a teen and found it very stimulating and I've thought about it over the last several years. I have a fantasy about having anal sex with a man and sucking him off like I did as a teen. I must admit I do get horny every time I think about it. Do any of you other guys have similar feeling about this ??

iminthemoodareu 49M
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8/15/2005 2:34 am

I'm not sure if this comment fits, but here goes. I don't like labels. When I'm on-line chatting; and someone asks "ru gay, bi, or str8?", I reply with the standard "I don't like labels, I like guys". In my mind, why else would I be there? I mean, I've dated women; had girlfriends too! So what? What is it about 'us' as people, that we all have this need to categorize eachother?

Flarvel 55M

8/15/2005 9:50 am

I'm married and I like to suck cock. I also do not like labels. Just because I am married does not mean that I get a blowjob every night. Actually my wife does not believe in oral sex. I love to suck cock, as well as get sucked. If I cannot get it at home, where do you think I am going to get it from?

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