Queer eye for the Wiggles  

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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7/28/2005 3:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Queer eye for the Wiggles

Have you seen the Wiggles on PlayHouse Disney Channel?

"And they were blue, parapapa, and red, parapapa, and yellow, parapapa, and purple too..." Goes one of their infectious songs.

The first time i caught glimpses of these four middle aged average Joes from Down Under acting a quarter of their age wriggling and yodelling in this queerest of all queer program for toddlers, i was flabbergasted, dumbstruck. And those tunes they churn out, EEWWWW. But slowly and surely, some of their songs started to make sense. Not all, but some. Talk about acquired taste.

Their tight body-hugging uniform, clearly showing some of their slightly bulging mid-riffs, reminiscent of the starfleet uniform worn by the crew of USS Enterprise in the original Star Trek series, seems...what's that word the Rock used? Homo-erotic.

Is it any wonder they are the top grossing children show performers in the world? Suppose their fans include more than just their target audience...but their Mums, and perhaps (GASP!) Dads as well? Hmmmph.

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