Alone Again...  

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7/28/2005 2:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Alone Again...

...Naturally'. By Gilbert O'Sullivan, so beautiful is the original rendition that few artists have attempted cover version of it, in fact, none that i know of, until Vonda Shepard comes along.

The real magic of the whole song, to me, is in the choice of the word 'naturally'.

Contrary to popular belief, man's best friend is not his canine pet, it's his own loneliness. Funny how we are so eager to 'kill' it. That curious expression, 'die of loneliness', is misleading, for in truth, loneliness itself does not harm you, it is your rejection of it that leads to other problems that eventually kills you. You can chase it away temporarily by having someone by your side. Unfortunately your pets seldom outlive you, and the chance of meeting someone in life that makes you completely forget loneliness is all but few and far between. As soon as your loved ones leave you, or walk out on you, loneliness creeps back in to be by your side, dutifully, silently, and remains faithful to the very end, until the moment you draw your last breath. You can feel its presense in the most awkward or festive moments, right in the heart of the most raving happening parties, when you sing Auld Lang Syne on every new year's eve.

And if you think it's an illness that can be cured by having one of your ribs removed, think again, very, very carefully.

It's such an integral part of the human conditions that, like your shadow and your echoe, there's just no escaping it. And must you?
It's only Natural. That's what Gilbert is trying to say, i think.

georgina666 36F

7/30/2005 9:19 am

loneliness never kills with its bare hands because it barely has hands...but slowy, and surely, it devours you in the darkness of the night. quietly nibbling away at your heart that when you wake up, you find a huge hole of emptiness and that's when the wound will get infected to the rest of your system.

this is not an illness to be cured by removing one of your ribs, but rather find the missing rib that'll complete you as a whole...and that can only be found in a woman's gentle heart and soul.

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