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We'd known each other for several years. In fact, we'd had an affair some years back but now she was married and not the fast lane single she used to be. In the old days she impressed me with her heat. She used to come into the office with high heels and one of those skirts with the slit that showed off her athletic legs. She would give me one of those looks. The forward kind that you don't often see from a woman. The look that says you can have me if you want. Well after a while I had to take a shot and man the sex was good. She used to wrap those long legs around me and hump me into tomorrow. But it ended almost before it got started. Got pregnant, had an abortion and that pretty much was that.

Fast forward a few years and one day the phone rings and it's Eva. Married and with male child and living in suburbia. Asked me to stop in for coffee the next time I was in the neighborhood. Curiosity got the better of me and I made a date to visit. Well maybe it wasn't curiosity so much as it was the memory of her awesome tits and those looong legs. Well the day arrives and I knock at the door and there she is with her 1 year old son. I came in and we talked. All the while I'm watching her interact with her beautiful little boy and thinking to myself-- who is this woman?-- What I see is a beautiful woman, a mother, who had matured into someone far more attractive to me than the hot slutty batchelorette I used to play with. She used to be someone I didn't think much of, but now, she was someone who really impressed me, made an impact and unfortunately, someone I found far more desireable.

I soon learned that her naughty side hadn't really departed. After a short get-reacquainted period, she became as flirty as ever. Only now, given her new status, far more intriguing. She loved to flirt. Make me thing she was still available. I guess she liked the attention. We played that game for months. Soon she moved back to the City and we were able to meet regularly for lunch. One day we were sitting at a sidewalk cafe on the upper east side while her child slept beside us in his stroller. She leans over to me and conspiritorially announces that she's not wearing any underwear under her kulots. I shrug not knowing exactly what to make of that announcment. While I ponder the possible retorts she leans over again and says- want to see? I think that question over for a nanosecond and respond- sure. She then takes my hand and moves it up the leg of her kulots until I figure out for myself that indeed, she is definitely NOT wearing any panties. My fingers are having a wonderful time getting the lay of the land while I await the request to withdraw. There is none. So I continue to get friendly with the beav until the wait staff gets a little close for comfort and I'm forced to retreat. By now I have a fine line of sweat on my upper lip and my heart is thumping loud enough to hear at the next table.

Over the next several months we have more encounters. Sure we meet and eat and talk like old friends, but there's always this undercurrent of sexuality that usually culminates in some kind of cheap thrill. There was the day she met me in the lobby of my office and we made out for a few minutes in the telephone bank. There was the day she dragged me into the ladies room of TGI Fridays at Rock Center where we made out for a few minutes while a mauled the hell out of tits. There was the day she came over my house with her 2 year old son. He say on the floor in front of us while I ate her pussy under a blanket while we sat on the couch. Again those pantyless kulots but this time my tongue did the walking. I don't think she bargained for that. She got so hot she wanted to fuck, but that was impossible with the little boy sitting there. I kept scheming for ways to get her into a position where we could fuck but while she seemed interested in fooling around, she seemed to draw the line at penetration. Like THAT was cheating on her husband. I've met a few women like that. They'll get totally naked in a motel room and suck you off all day long, but putting it in the pussy is out of the question because then she'll be cheating. Whatever. But in Eva's case, I was sure that if I got her hot enough and in the right place she'd fuck. One day I thought I really had her. I was able to obtain the key of a special conference room that was on the other side of the building and had it's own private access. I invited her up for a visit and she came up willingly. We went into the conference room and I locked the door. We started making out and our hands really went to town. I was really hot and I know she was too. She pulled out my cock and took it in her mouth and in about 10 seconds I blew a hot load down her throat. I couldn't believe I came so darn fast but I was so worked up and nervous about being seen that I just blew. I'll never know how that might have ended but my frustration at not getting into her pussy was getting out of hand.

Soon after I decided to take a day off and invite her up to my place for a visit. By this time her kid was in school and she could slip away for several hours on her own. The day finally came and we get to the house. I decided I didn't want to spook her so I took it slow. We laid down on the couch and started kissing. After about a minute she says to me-- wouldn't we be more comfortable on the bed? So much for taking it slow. We walk into the bedroom and the clothes start coming off. Soon we're totally naked and I wrap my arms around her while we look at ourselves in the mirror. We're both really hot and I'm convinced that my day had arrived. We laid down and started kissing again. I decide to go down on her as that seems to be the best way to ensure she's as hot as she needs to be. After a little while she returns the favor and takes me into her mouth. Eva is one of the best cock suckers I've ever had and I've had a few. She has nice very full lips and really enjoys a cock in her mouth. In short order she had me at full attention and right at the edge. I certainly didn't want to come in her mouth as my objective was pussy so I tried my best to hold out. At some point I felt the need to let her know that she was getting me dangerously close to orgasm but she didn't sem to care. Then it hit me that she fully understood that I was getting close, and that was indeed her objective, to make me come in her mouth so I wouldn't be hard enough to fuck her. I tried to make her stop, I tried to pull out of her mouth but she persisted and in short order I shot a hugh load into her throat. Man I can't tell you the mixed feelings I was having. I had just experienced an awesome blowjob to completion and watched her slurp it totally down only to feel ---disappointment?? We laid there and cuddled for a while and I tried to get it up again, but the time was short and the blow was so hugh it would take me a while to get re-ignited. At one point I was kneeling between her legs and I was rubbing her clit with my limp dick trying to get it hard again. Still convinced that if I could, I'd get to bury it in her pussy. Persistent little pervert that I am. She was enjoying it and I could see the desire in her eyes but it just wasn't meant to be. She had won this little game of tease once again. Giving only so much of herself but keeping the best from me. We got dressed and drove back to the city so she could pick up her son. At some point a few weeks after the encounter we had an arguement. I had grown angry at the game and didn't like the fact that she was playing me. The frustration was driving a wedge between us and shortly after she moved again to the suburbs and we fell out of touch. I'll always remember Eva. To this day I have erotic dreams that always end in frustration. I don't think I've ever gotten laid in a dream yet. In my case, my track record in the real world is far better than the dream world. I guess I shouldn't complain. Goodbye Eva wherever you are.

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