The Club Scene worked for me this time...................  

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1/23/2006 2:21 pm

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The Club Scene worked for me this time...................

was at a club in Charlotte with some people from work, relaxing the other night. We had a few drinks, and a few of us had been dancing with some local girls there at the club. I noticed a HOT black girl dancing next to me with some noodle of a guy, who seemed to be paying more attention to a guy next to him than the hot black girl. So, I am thinking things are looking up here, as she really knew how to move......very sexy. She was wearing a very short miniskirt that barely covered her ass, and when she pumped her ass up and down just right, the skirt caught just enough wind to expose that she was wearing a She was also wearing a button-up blouse with the top couple of buttons undone, and the bottom was undone as well and flapping in the wind. She has nice breasts, and I could not help but

She seemed to be dancing toward me, although the floor was packed and she wasn't that far from me in the first place. She reminded me of the lead singer from the Pussy Cat Girls......she is FINE!! At any rate, she is moving toward me dancing and looking at me with sexy eyes. I could tell she liked what she saw. She asked me if I came here much, to which I said, "no......just visiting from Boston."

She asked me my name and told me her name is Sheri, and that she tastes like a which I said, I love cherries and I would be the best judge as to whether she tastes like cherries. She reached up, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me long and hard, tongue teasing mine......wet and nice. Her lips were amazing. She was one of the best kissers I had ever tasted........and she was correct about tasting like cherries. She continued dancing, but she was now aggressively grinding up against me.....I felt her pelvic bone and her leg up against my cock; she was feeling me up the best she could on the dance floor. We were both feeling the heat and kissing each other with high passion to the beat of the music. I puller her as close as I could to feel her breast against my chest. I could feel her erect nipples against me. Her hands went up and down my back, then down to squeeze my ass. She felt all the way back around until she reached around a felt my balls from the back of my pants. This sent a tingle up the my spine. I moved my hands down her back and felt her ass. I felt her ass muscle contract as she thrust her crotch into me. Suddenly, I realized that my hand was on her ass flesh, and it felt sooooooooo good. Her skin was so soft. I felt across her ass cheeks, felt her thong strap going down between her cheeks, and I followed it down with my middle finger as I felt her grind me hard. My cock began to rise at this point, and I know she could feel it though her hands were not there yet (because she looked up at me and smiled) anxious to get her hands on my warming cock. I continued with my middle finger down her thong strap until I knew I had reached her asshole. I rimmed her asshole with my finger and I saw her eyes roll back in her head as this sent a shiver down her spine. She kissed me harder. Just beyond her asshole, I felt the thong strap disappear in the large folds or her pussy. The touch of her outer pussy lips started her moaning in my ear and biting on my lips and earlobes. She was feeling it as much as I was. I realized that she was sooooooo hot inside because of her pussy juice that was soaking her thong strap, and my finger found its way quickly into her hot, wet opening. I pulled it out and licked her pussy juice off of my finger, savoring every drop of her cum. She was very sweet, and her cum was very slick on my tongue. She leaned up to my ear, and while grabbing my cock hard with her hand, she said, "let's get out of here, go back to my place so I can fuck your brains out."

By now my cock was rock hard and precum was flowing rather freely, so a wet spot had formed at the end of my cock. I lead her out in front of me to hide my hard-on and precum spot. We jumped in my car and tore-off for her place. She continued to rub my cock beneath my pants while I drove. I asked her to please free my caged animal before he busts through my zipper and ruins a perfectly good pair of pants. She gladly agreed. As she fumbled a bit with my zipper, I noticed that she had already unbuttoned her blouse and exposed one of her breasts, playing with her nipple. She moaned already, so I told her not to go too crazy and use all of her cum while in transit......I wanted to please her. She told me that she had a special talent....when her nipples were sucked just the right way, she would CUM so hard it made her ejaculate.

At a stop light, I leaned over and licked her left nipple. She moaned, so I licked even more. Her moaning got louder. I took her full nipple and as much breast as I could into my mouth, while teasing her nipple with my tongue......she screamed and ejaculated all over the front seat of the car (thank goodness it is a rental). She didn't just ejaculate once......her pussy was in such convulsion from contractions, she just kept ejaculating, and not just a little bit.......she was squirting all over the place and screaming......I thought for a minute that I had hurt her. I asked her if she was OK, and she answered........OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!! This was so fucking HOT to watch......I couldn't wait to get somewhere where we could let loose. We ended up going to my hotel room, ripping our clothes off in the hallway before getting to the room. Fortunately, it was about 11pm, so few people were awake and only one woman saw what was going on. We quickly got into the room, and stripped off our clothing. By this time, my cock was soooooo hard, I was unsure it would ever come back down.......

as she was bent over taking off her shoes, I had my clothes off already and came up behind her, my cock just underneath her pussy lips, putting pressure on them, as I stroked her beautiful breasts from behind her. I felt her reach up between her legs (while bent over) and grab my cock, massaging it against her clitoris. She moaned in pleasure. I rubbed softly across her back with my hands, realizing again that this was my first experience with an African-American girl......thinking it was so fucking hot!! I brought my hand down to her ass and played with her asshole with my thumb. I dribbled some saliva down on her asshole and began rubbing it around the rim of her ass. I could see her asshole twitch from the sensation. and then it relaxed as if to say, "please enter". So, I slowly glided my wet thumb into her seeing and feeling her asshole twitch with pleasure. I could also see just below her ass, that her Cunt was beginning to contract as well, meaning she was about to blow some more juice all over. So, I got on my knees, still rubbing her asshole with my thumb. I put my face close up to her cunt and played with her nipple with the other hand......she screamed hard. "YES, YES, YES", she said. Then the ejaculate blew out of her with such force, she had to lean forward on the bed, so she didn't totally lose control and buckle at the knees. The sweet smell and taste of her ejaculation was amazing. She sprayed and sprayed and sprayed some more, screaming with each burst of Ecstasy. I saw her cunt contracting and watched every beautiful stream of love juice blow from her pussy. After she began relaxing again, i could not stand it any longer, and rubbed her wetness all over my cock in preparation for entrance. I was going to slowly enter her pussy with my cock until I felt with the head how wet she was, and how badly she wanted to take in the head of my cock, so I slammed my cock in her all the way, hitting the end of her pussy. She screamed for me to fuck her I accommodated!! I slammed into her from behind, feeling the juices all over my cock and dripping off of my balls; this girl knew how to CUM HARD. With every thrust of my cock into her, I heard the sound of her moisture splashing and being forced out of her pussy. I noticed that it was all over my legs and hers, which was an amazing turn-on and kept me pumping hard. She was cumming so hard, she was almost crying, and I was yelling loud as well, knowing that soon, I would reach my climax and blow my load all over the place. I felt that climax coming on, and way too soon, as I was enjoying the feeling of being inside of her. So, I pulled out of her, grabbed my cock ring and quickly put it on.......allowing me to lose some sensitivity of my cock and lasting longer. So, after putting the cock ring on, I came back over to her and asked her how she wanted it.

She asked me to make her ejaculate again by beating my cock on her Clitoris. So, she laid down on her back on the bed and pulled her legs up to her chest and spread them as far as she could, exposing her beautiful clit with her fingers. I could see her erect clit poking it's head out for me to play with. I could not help myself and began sucking her clit to get her warmed-up again/ I did not take long before she was cumming, moaning and enjoying the attention I was giving her. As I licked and sucked on her swollen clitoris, I stuck my fingers deep into her pussy and finger-fucked her for a few minutes.....I could tell that she enjoyed the finger fucking. I then pulled my hard cock back into play and started rubbing her clit with the head of my enlarged muscled. She began moaning from enjoyment again. I then began slapping her clit with my hard cock......she immediately began gushing her pussy juice all over the place......I was still amazed that she could squirt so much. After priming her pump and causing her to ejaculate for another few minutes, I plunged my cock back into her HOT pussy and pounded her hard. I felt my balls slapping against her ass as I pumped her cunt with my hard cock.......I could tell I was getting close to blowing after another few minutes. This girl could scream and loved to have her pussy pumped hard........she can FUCK and loved to FUCK HARD!!

I loved watching her tits bounce up and down as I fucked her; they would hit her on the chin, and she tried to lick them when they bounced by her chin. She has an amazing energy for sex. Then, I felt my climax coming on and cumming HARD, as did hers. I pulled out of her pussy, pulled the cock ring off, and she grabbed my hard cock and took it in her mouth and sucked my cock hard. I felt her tongue going around the tip of my cock, which made me just about go through the roof!! She took in my entire cock, relaxing her throat and allowing my cock to be squeezed by the soft tissue at the back of her throat.......she had figures out how to make a man blow his load hard. It felt so good, that I began ejaculation while my cock was deep in her throat. My felt my hips buck wildly as I came hard.....I pulled my cock out just in time to blow my hot cream all over her face. She grabbed my cock and stuffed it back in her mouth because she wanted to eat/swallow my cum........what a turn-on!! She quickly licked all the cum up off of my shaft and cock head, as well as off her face. We laid there in each others' arms and commented on how hot of an experience we had just had together.

Can't wait to go back and see Sheri again......................

redmustang91 57M  
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1/23/2006 3:36 pm

Amazingly hot story! Sherry baby is tres cheri, as the French say.

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