Just another flight.......at least, that is what I thought!  

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11/29/2005 11:38 am

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Just another flight.......at least, that is what I thought!

I found myself at the airline check-in counter, heading to Europe again on yet another long business trip. I have always had a hard time sleeping on the overseas flights. After checking my luggage and getting my seat assignment, I headed down the concourse for the departing gate. I sat down at the gate just in tome to hear the airline assistant call for boarding of my flight, so I jumped up and got in line. That is when I saw her. She was ahead of me in line. She was so beautiful; I think my heart skipped a beat or two. Moving along in the line, I found I could not take my eyes off her. She was in her late 20’s, maybe early 30’s, but had taken care of herself very well. Everything about her was perfect, absolutely perfect. She was about 5’-8”, I am guessing. Why I noticed that, I am not sure. From behind, I could notice that she had some steady physical activity, as her legs were perfectly formed, with healthy calves, a nice tan. Her skirt reached about half way down her upper leg, exposing her sexy thighs. As she reached down for her carry-on, it became clear to me that she was wearing thigh-high nylon stockings; the strap holding them up bearing their glossy finish. Her ass was perfectly round, and I thought that she had to be wearing a thong panty underneath her silky skirt because there was no evidence, that I was able to ascertain, that this raving beauty had any panty lines.

It was then, that she turned around, catching me noticing every square inch of her beautiful body. She smiled in a not-so-shy way, winked at me, and boarded the plane. I could not get her out of my mind, which is something that very seldom happens when getting on a flight like this, due to the workload I had in front of me. The plane gave me an additional 11 hrs to make presentation slides for the meetings I would be leading. As I sit down in the first class cabin, I slowly look for opportunity to look around at the other passengers, hoping that she would be sitting somewhere close to me. I could not find her in the first class cabin at all, and it was driving me crazy; I felt I needed to know where she was. After not finding her, I decide to get my laptop out of the overhead storage so I could get something useful done. While passengers were scrambling to find their seats, I decided to go to the bathroom, as it would be a good 30 minutes before we had climbed to the elevation where the passengers were allowed to unbuckle and find the lavatories sprinkled throughout the plane. The first class lavatory was already in use, but I decided that the wait now would be significantly shorter than if I waited for the plane to get in the air at 30,000 ft, and everyone decided they should have done this much earlier. So, I waited while no one was ahead of me in line. Finally, the door opened, and as I raised my head to go into the lavatory, I realized it was HER, coming out of the lavatory. She looked at me, a little embarrassed meeting at the lavatory. She smiled again, and said “Hi.”
I smiled back at her, as we walked past each other, looking each other over from head to toe. She was even more perfect up close than she was before. Her deep blue eyes, gorgeous smile, full and pouty lips, perfect breasts were mezmerrizing me deeply. Because of the close quarters, we brushed ever so slightly as passing. Her hair brushed slightly across my cheek as we passed, and her scent overwhelmed me with ecstacy. I remember feeling the warmth from her body as she passed me.
As I walked past her into the lavatory, I did as every real man would, and glanced back for another look. I was surprised to find her doing the same. She smiled again. I thought this time that she smiled because she had caught me looking at her, but I realized, her smile was directed at me with a message. After I closed the door to the lavatory, I realized she had left her purse behind the door as she used the lavatory, and had forgotten to take it as she exited. My first thought was to quickly return it to her, but the next thought was, “do your duty first…..you could find out who she is while using the lavatory, then return it to her on your way back to your seat. This would give you the opportunity to see where she is sitting, and make some conversation with her”.
So, I quickly used the bathroom, as designed, realizing the lavatory smelled just like the scent I had smelled as she passed me a couple of minutes ago in front of the lavatory.
There was something about the smell that made me yearn for her. I quickly finished emptying my bladder, flushed, washed my hands, grabbed the purse, and exited the lavatory. As I scanned the area, my eyes quickly locked in on her sitting in the seat directly behind mine. She stood up as she saw me coming down the aisle with her purse in hand. She had an embarrassed look on her face. I held up her purse with my right hand to show her as I walked closer. I must have squeezed it too tight or just right, because as I did, I heard, and felt a high-pitched buzzzzzzzzz coming from the purse. She heard the buzzzzzzz at the same time I did. I tried to quickly adjusting the purse in my hand to get it to stop, but it would not stop. So, I just handed it back to her while it continued buzzzzzzzzzzing. She gave me a devilish smile as she took the purse, pulling the vibrator out right there, and turning it off in front of me, as my mouth was wide open. She sat down with a smile, and thanked me for returning her purse to her.

After seeing a connection in oneanothers’ eyes, I sat down, somehow finding comfort in the fact that she was sitting right behind me, and knowing that the fire in our eyes would somehow be realized. I finally relaxed while the plane took off and made it’s climb in elevation. I suddenly became excited about the aspects of a long, overseas flight.

About 40 minutes into the flight, and due to the late hour of the flight, most passengers had fallen asleep. First class was like a cemetery. As I began to fall asleep, I was suddenly awaken by a familiar noise coming from the seat behind me. I tried not to look, but after about 30 seconds, I took a peak backwards between the seats. What I saw next, I can never forget. As I looked back at the beauty behind me, I saw the she was sitting, with both seats next to her empty, playing with the vibrator I had been introduced to before. She was looking at me looking at her, playing with the vibrator. She was rubbing the vibrator gently up and down between her breasts, up to her lips, in her mouth, back down her chest between her breasts, down her stomache, pausing on the tip of her pussy, resting the tip of the vibrator in a circular fashion on the tip of her clit. I know that her clit was erect because I saw the tip of her clit raised slightly underneath her silk skirt. My cock leaped with pleasure in my pants. This had obviously turned me on more than I had expected, as my cock was already fully erect, and I found a wet spot in my pants at the tip of my cock, where pre-cum already began to flow. As I watched her rubbing her pussy with the vibrator, she began licking her lips; she was feeling pretty good already.

I took little time making my way to the seat next to her. Her legs were spread, and that’s when I realized she was not wearing a thong afterall; she was not wearing panties at all. I knew this because her skirt seemed to have worked its way up her thighs. I began rubbing my pulsing cock in front of her. She smiled and said, “I’ve WANTED you ever since I saw you in the boarding line”. I grabbed her vibrator, threw it back in her purse, took the beauty by the face and kissed her hard, showing her how to have sex with our tongues. While kissing her, she grabbed my cock and felt it with my pants zipped, as if she were holding a gift, massaging every square inch of it to discover what it is. She found the head of my cock and caressed it while sucking my tongue. I grabbed her by the hand and lead her down the aisle to the stewardess’ station in the middle of the plane. Not sure where the stewardesses were at the time, but no one was to be found. Knowing what I did about planes, I opened the square access panel in the floor of the center section of the plane, revealing a small staircase leading down to the mechanical room and luggage compartment below.

I went down the stairs first and waited for her at the bottom of the eight-foot drop. The stairs were steep, and so I held her gorgeous, well-toned legs, sliding my hands from her ankles to her calves, and then to her knees. I slid my hands up her thighs as she descended the remaining few steps. I have a perfect view of her tight ass and her perfect pussy, staring right at me. I felt the silky skin of her upper thighs, her ass, and eventually, her well-shaved pussy. What a beautiful feeling of skin-on-skin, as she ended up at the bottom of the stairs with my hands on her ass. To my amazement, she had somehow managed to undo her shirt on the way down the stairs. As soon as she turned around to face me, I got the first view of her beautiful, hungry eyes, and her full breasts. I think they must have been 36C-38C; I was amazed at the perfect form of her breasts. She unclasped her bra, and I expected to see her mounds of joy fall from the weight. Surprisingly, they dropped only about an inch; they were truly perfect. I took them in my hands, massaging them with passion and amazement that I could be holding such a work of art. I admired her nipples at close range, as I took one in my mouth and teased it with my tongue, going around the outer circle first with my tongue. She moaned, and I felt her nipples go erect in my mouth. Her nipples tasted like honey to me. After massaging her breasts for a couple of minutes, I realized they were real and perky. It was then that I realized that she had her hand down my pants fondling my erect penis. She quickly unzipped my pants and allowed my full manhood to pour out of the confinement that had held it captive too long!! My pants fell to my ankles. I felt her reach down and gently massage my balls; her touch was amazing and had my cock so hard, I thought I might cum right then and there. We kissed hard again as she massaged my cock, and I reached down to her stomach and followed it down until I reached the small tuft of hair just above the upper opening of her pussy. I moved down with my fingers over the top of her pussy, and spreading my fingers I felt her outer pussy lips. Then, bringing my fingers back together, I gently felt her inner pussy lips, which hung down below her outer lips. I felt body heat coming from her hot pussy. I felt all the way down her pussy towards the section of skin between her pussy as her anal opening. That’s when I discovered just how wet she was. She must have already cum, because her moans were getting louder. I brought my hand back up and licked the wetness from my finger. She tasted heavenly.

I laid her down across some luggage after finding a furniture pad and covering the luggage. I laid down on top of her in a 69 fashion, and I began giving her pussy the attention it deserved. I licked slowly and softly at first, touching every fold and contour of her pussy. Her clit jumped when I slid my tongue around the apex and moved the hood back as far as I could. She moaned much louder. I could see she was cumming, as her pussy convulsed in ecstacy from the tongue lashing it was taking. Her pussy was soft, delicate and full of life, as I continued to work her clit over and over with my tongue. Her moans became louder and louder. But, she didn’t scream until I plunged my tongue deep into her wet pussy. As I continued to tongue-fuck her pussy, she got louder, and her pussy convulsed. She was swallowing my cock as far as she could down her throat. Her tongue felt soooooooo good on the shaft of my penis; with every lick up the shaft tube, I felt a tingle of pleasure go through my entire body. Her hands working miracles between my balls and my asshole; she knew how to pleasure a man. She then pleasured the head of my cock with some special tongue move; she worshipped my cock.

Just then, I felt her pussy contract around my tongue, as she ejaculated all over my face. I had been told that I have a magic tongue, but this was unreal; her ejaculate was amazing. She kept spraying me, over and over again as the waves of ecstacy moved through her body to her pussy…….I had never seen a woman reach such ecstacy before in my life. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “take me, all of me……fuck me now, and fuck me hard.”

I gladly abliged her desires, and moved around from the 69 position to where the heat centers of our bodies were aligned. I remember looking down at my cock, and noticing that it was swollen beyond anything I had experienced before, I proceeded to enter her pussy. Between the saliva from my mouth, and the incredible amount of cum from her pussy, the head of my swollen cock spread her inner and outer vaginal lips in a hurry. My cock could feel the heat from her still-pulsating pussy. As soon as I felt the head of my cock buried deep inside of her, and her pussy lips sucking hard on my shaft, drenching it with moisture, I thrust hard into her, and then back out. I could not believe how much moisture was cumming from inside her pussy and getting all over me. I couldn’t wait for her to lick her orgasm off of my cock. I thrust harder and harder, loving the screams coming from her mouth, “more”, she said, “har-der”, “fuck me harder”, she screamed. I pulled my cock out of her and held it at the base of the shaft. Dripping with moisture, I pushed it down and tickled her anal opening with the head of my penis. I felt her asshole quiver. She relaxed long enough for me to insert the head of my cock. It mush have felt really good because I saw her pussy contract again, and then it exploded again with ejaculation all over me. After her pink pussy calmed down again, I pushed my hard cock back in her cumming vagina. I pushed harder and harder, until I felt her pussy contract around my cock again. By now, the sweat was beading up on our foreheads, and her eyes rolled back in her head; she was in utter ecstacy. I could almost hear her heart pounding. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she simultaneously got up on all fours and turned around for me…….she wanted it doggie style, and so did I. I was amazed at how easily my cock slid back into her pussy from behind. She was dripping from her own cum; now it was my turn to spray her. I pounded her pussy so hard, I could tell people above us could hear us, and were gathering around the opening in the floor. I did not care…..we were going to finish what we had started. I pound her harder and harder, until we are both about to pass out. I feel the ultimate wave of ecstacy coming through my entire body, so I pull my cock out of her and move to her face, where she again swallows my cock. She takes the base of my shaft in her hands and works it over and over again, licking and sucking on the head of my cock………..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! The cum burst out of the top of my cock so hard into her mouth, she could not help but swallow the first surge. She pulled my cock out of her mouth just in time to catch the second, third and fourth surges of cum all over her face. The cum continues to surge out the end of my cock!! All over the place, still causing me to thrust my cock pelvis around, looking for something to accept it. When I finally come to a rest, I see her licking the cum from the shaft of my cock, like it was icing on a cake. What an amazing steamy round of sex that was……

We got cleaned-up and dressed just in time for the stewardess to discover where we were. We looked up at her, and she asked what we were doing down there…….she smiled, cause she knew damn well, but wanted us to tell her. She smiled and said she would have joined us, had she only known how much fun we were having. To which I quickly responded, “we still have 9 hrs of the flight left, so don’t go too far.”

As I followed my love partner back on the ladder, I have full view of her beautiful pussy. I see moisture all around the opening and get an instant hard-on again. I see a drip of cum fall out of her pussy opening and duck out of the way just in time, wondering how many more times I will fill her back up before the flight is over………licking my lips!!

imready4it2005 55F

12/23/2005 6:06 pm

Love your stories.....thought about "The Plane" and you on my way to Arizona.

CakedNuderHoner 43M
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1/4/2006 12:51 pm

I miss you imready4it2005............wish we could have "hooked-up" while in AZ over the holiday. Looking forward to us meeting sometime in January......

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