Dancing, and then what?  

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12/19/2005 11:04 am

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Dancing, and then what?

Blonde in NC

We were at a bar dancing in North Carolina. She had an amazing body........5'8".......blonde, tan from head to toe (I'll get to how I know that in a minute). Music was moving us to the same beat. The drinks were good, and from the look of it, she was "feeling it" just as much as I was. As we danced, she moved closer and closer until her body was right up against mine, moving together in motions that allowed us both to understand every contour of one another's bodies. It was marm, not because of temperature, rather in both of our inner, adult workings. She was wearing a short black skirt, with about an 8" slit up the back, revealing that she was wearing thigh highs every time she took a step. I saw the straps that held up her stockings.......this got me excited!! Her top was seperate and reminded me of a long, black, satin scarf that was wrapped around her rib cage from the front to her back then back around to her front, up over her healthy, 36C natural breasts, continuing up to tie at the back of her neck. Her midsection was revealed, and from the front, you could see her flat tummy leading up to her daintly pierced navel, and then up another 3" or so to her black satin top. From behind, one noticed the slit in her skirt, and moving up, a tight, well-rounded ass, that seemed to say to me, "grab me, lick me, kiss me, bite me." Above the top of her skirt, along the top of her ass, she had a tatoo of a set of wings that reached most of the way across her lower back/top of her ass.......maybe 2" above the top of her ass crack. Above the tatoo another 3' was the bottom of her satin top.

At any rate, we were having a great time feeling the music and touching each other with our bodies.......her ass against my cock, she seemed to be sizing up my manhood with her ass. She leaned back against me, her long. blonde hair brushing up against my face......she smelt ecsquisite. As she reached toward the ceiling with her hands, I did the same. We interlocked fingers with one another. She then grasped my hands fully with hers and guided them down her arms, over her shoulders, and led them right down on top of her heaving breasts.......it was then I realized she was wearing no bra; I remember being surprised that something wasn't holding them up because they were so perky, but at 23 yrs old how can they help but be perky. Her breasts were soft.......all except her erect nipples; they were really standing up. Itried not to be too obvious pinching her erect nipples between my fingers. By then, her hands had moved down her body, reaching around to grab my ass.......we were both having pre-ecstacy shivers going through our bodies. Unfortunately the song ended. She reached up and kissed me passionately, our tongues gladly making love to each other. For the first time, I felt her breasts against the front of me........her nipples were still erect and hot.

She had to go to the bathroom, so she grabbed me by the hand and asked me to walk her to the bathroom and wait for her while she went "tinkle". How could I refuse? My cock had just received a happy lap dance on the dance floor and was half erect from the erotic dance experience we had just experienced. So, I waited, while she went in to "tinkle". About 10 seconds after she walked in the ladies room, she stuck her head back out, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me in the ladies room with her. Hesitantly, I went in with her, not wanting to embarass any ladies taking care of business.......was pleases to find that there was no one else inside. We quickly made our way to the last stall.......I think there were 10-12 total; we were in the back corner of the ladies room.

In the stall, I locked the door, made sure the seat was down, sat down, and she sat on my lap. We immediately began kissing with open mouths, face fucking one another.......it was hot, and I felt my cock starting to perk. Because she could not face me in a skirt, it was difficult to kiss very long without changing positions. Nevertheless, she began moving her ass on my lap, feeling for my rising cock. She moaned when she found it coming up; I did not know a woman's ass could be that sensitive, but then I did not realize that I was nearly fully erect at that point. I reached around her and began kneading her breasts as we continued to make love with our tongues. Before I knew it, my hands were inside of her satin top feeling her soft perky breasts.......the feeling of skin-on-skin was amazing. Her nipples wre very erect and I rolled her nipples in my fingers......she moaned in enjoyment. I began kissing the back of her neck, still kneading her breasts as she continued to rub her ass and cunt on my cock through her skirt and my pants. I could tell she was cumming as her breathing increased and the moaning got louder. She stood up and untied her black satin top and hung it on the hook. Her breasts were more beautiful that I had imagined. As she stood up, I noticed how hard she had cum.......all around the tip of my cock was soaking wet from her pussy juice. She smiled, somewhat embarassed, and then said, "I guess you know now that I like you, and that I want you to fuck me, NOW!!", to which I sarcastically said, "No......you hide it very well."

She then smiled from ear to ear as she hiked up her skirt, revealing a very small, black silk thong that was already almost completely swallowed up in her Hot, moist pussy lips. I took my right hand and felt down the front of her thong down over the front of her pelvic bone, over the tip of her clit protruding erectly under her thong. My fingers felt the heat of her pussy and the cum-soaked thong. At closer examination, I saw that some of her inner pussy lip was exposed on one side of the thong, so I quickly began pulling down her thong, revealing the beautiful, swollen clit that needed my attention so desperately. I could smell her sweet cum. I removed her thong, and sucked the cum-soaked section of the thong, until the juice was completely extracted into my mouth. It tasted so good to me, and made me hunger for more. The consistency of the cum in my mouth let me know that mi cock would feel so good inside her pussy, and that it would slide easily in and out of her. Seeing me suck the juices from her underwear turned her on and she began feeling her wet pussy, playing with her clitoris and moaning slowly again. She then got down on her knees, opened my pants to reveal my large erect cock looking directly at her. I could see a drop of precum bead up on the opening of my cock. This arroused her, and she bent down and licked it off the tip of my cock. I felt a tingle wave through my body as she licked the drop off of the tip of my cock. The though and view of what I was experiencing caused a wave of ecstacy run through my body.......I could have cum right there and then.......but I needed to save that for her. She held my hot cok in her hands caressing my balls with one hand and slowly rubbing the shaft of my cock with her other hand. She took the swollen head of my cock in her mouth, wetting it with her saliva. She reached down and plunged her fingers in and out of her pussy until they were dripping wet. Then she rubbed her juices all over the head of my cock, and then licking her cum off of my stone-hard cock shaft and the purple swelling at the top. It felt soooooooo good, and I let my head fall back. I was about to close my eyes, when I noticed that there were four other women who had entered the restroom, heard the moaning, and were peering over the side of the stall watching us get each other off.......at this point, I did not care. I smiled and allowed my girl to continue pleasing me. I held her head with my hands and face fucked her. She relaxed her throat and allowed my cock to slide further down her throat.......what an amazing feeling. I soooooooo wanted to lick her wet pussy and fuck her hard, but logistics didn't allow, and I was blown away with whatever she was doing with my cock........I had never had a blowjob like this before; she had a talent that made my cock feel like no other woman has been able to accomplish. Just then, I felt the spasm go through my body as I blew my cum all over in her mouth. I felt her wet finger rimming my asshole as she sucked me off, prolonging my ejaculation.......I was cumming and cumming HARD. I felt me continue to cum as she rimmed my asshole, not ever having continued to cum that long before. I watched her as I filled her mouth with cum; some was spilling out the sides and it was a beautiful thing. She swallowed all the cum in her mouth, licked my hard cock dry of the remainder, and licked upp any left over cum off of her face and chin; I could not believe her love for the juice!! She lifted her head to see the other girls still looking over the top of the stall, but we both wanted MORE, but it had to be somewhere we would not be logistically challenged by the bathroom stall. We quickly got dressed after I whispered in her ear that I still wanted her BAD and that we needed to FUCK and SUCK some more, but somewhere else. We washed our hands before leaving......the girls were clapping and making cat calls.....I think they had had a few drinks in them lessening their inhibitions a bit. It was exciting knowing we had an audience that enjoyed the show.

We darted out of the club and I took her to my car. We jumped in and we drove to the Hotel I was staying at. She was all over me in the car, and I apologized to her that we had to cut things short in the restroom and I assured her, that I would take care of her every need when we got to my room. Fortunately, I had already checked in, so we went straight for the elevator. We jumped in and told the people that were following us into the elevator that it was full and we closed the doors. I knew that the ride to the 11th floor was going to be way too short, so I pulled the STOP BUTTON to give us some extra time playing around with each other. It was then I realized we needed to get into the roon as fast as possible, so we could lose the clothes and be uninhibited!! I pushed the button and off we were........within a few seconds we were at the 11th floor and almost running for the room.

I already had my shirt off before we got to the room, and as I turned to give her a look, she was holding up her thong in her hand and smiling, showing me that she was a step ahead of me. We entered the room, tearing each other's clothes off as we headed for the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed with her standing in front of me. She was still in her stockings and high heels, but all other clothing was completely removed from her body, allowing me to see her nude (almost) for the first time. My pants were undone and my cock was hanging out, but I could not finish undressing because of what I saw..........her body was perfect from head to toe. She was tan from head to toe, and amazingly perfect, as far as the body can be. I looked her over up and down, but I stopped when I saw her inner pussy lips hanging down between her outer pussy lips; I could not wait to have them in my mouth.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her stomache and caressing her body all over. Her ass was perfectly round.......soft, and I felt her hips, her legs, her breasts again, and then I moved my hands to her inner thigh. She moved her feet apart enough for me to caress her inner thighs all the way to her sweet pussy. I felt the heat coming from her pussy, and knew it was going to get the attention it needed. I licked her thighs, her stomache all the way down to the upper opening of her pussy. She moaned with pleasure. I parted her outer pussy lips with my tongue in an effort to tease her clitoris. It seemed already to be erect because it was hanging down with the hood pulled back enough for me to tease the tip of her clit with my tongue from that position. I continued down her pussy. Her inner labia were closed, but did not stop the juices from flowing, as I felt a drop of pussy juice with my tongue on the outward edge of the large section of her inner labia without spreading them. I felt her pussy twitch as I attempted to part the inner labia with my tongue. Her whole body quivered as I got them apart and tasted her juices run onto my tongue. I stood up, layed her down on her back, took my pants off exposing my hard cock, got on my knees, and began giving her pussy the attention she deserved. I finally got a good look at her spread pussy and how wet it was. I saw cum drip from her pussy opening down to her asshole, and I reached with my finger, wiped it off of her asshole and slurped it up. I saw another drop coming from her pussy, wiped it and put it in her mouth. She moaned with emjoyment and begged me for more. I climbed on the bed and joined her in a 69 position, so that we could both pleasure one another. Her pussy tasted soooooooooo goooooooood to me. As I licked and sucked her pussy, her juices began flowing more than most women, and I had a hard time licking it all up. I slowly circled her clit, flicking it after circling it a few times. She moaned in pleasure as I moved down the side of her pussy. I took both inner labia in my mouth and began sucking them as if they were spaghetti, and I were sucking the noodles into my mouth. The constant pressure of her inner pussy lips in my mouth, my wet finger teasing her asshole, and the flicking of her clitoris sent her pussy into convulsions, and to my surprise, that she ejaculated with such force into my mouth and all over my face. By this time, she can no longer keep my cock in her mouth with the moaning and screaming she is doing. i lover her pussy and the reaction I get from her when I work her clit over.

I move her to the center of the bed and align our genitals to one another. With her on her back, I reach down and bring her legs up to her chest and then spread them. She grabs ahold of her lags, bent, around the knees, and I bring my hard cock up to her pussy opening. Her moisture is spread all over her pussy, and I take the time to wipe the pussy juices she is sharing all around her pussy lips and up to her clit with my cock. I rub her clit with the head of my cock, and to my amazement, after a minute or so, she ejaculates again with screams of ecstacy; I watch her pussy contract each time she screams and her juices quirt out. I am soaking wet from her ejaculations, but love every minute of it. I thrust my cock deep inside her pussy, and she screams with pleasure. I pound her pussy in and out with my large cock. I can feel her pussy expanding each time I thrust my coxk into her, and I can feel my cock hitting the back of her pussy. I slow down to watch her pussy pull hard with suction as I slowly pull my cock out of her pussy, as if it is sucking hard to keep my manhood inside of her. As I pull out, i tell her to get on all fours, so we can do doggie style........she gladly agrees. I kneel between her calfs, and help spread her legs a bit. She reached back to hold my cock and lead it into her open pussy. I thrust into her pussy again with my cock, feeling me stretch her opening again until the head of my cock has penetrated the inner opening of her pussy. I can tell she likes this, as she reaches back and holds my balls and rubs her clit some more. Afetr about 20 thrusts or so, I feel her pussy contract around my cock, and she quirted all over me again. My thumb at this point, has found her asshole and is teasing it, going in and out of her pussy with my cock and then up to her asshole and entering a little deeper each time. I had never seen so much female cum in my life........this girl must keep her liquid intake up to sustain such large amounts of ejaculation and cum!! I start pounding hard again in and out, as her screams grow louder. I can feel my cock about to explode, so I pound harder and harder, using her shoulders and hair to give me leverage as I fuck her with all my power. By now, I am on my feet fucking down into her hot steamy wet pussy. I pull out of her just in time to see her ejaculate again, squirting almost 10 feet across the room. Just as she finishes, I come over to her face and blow my load of hot cum all opver her face. She loves the cum, licks it all up, and finished cleaning my shaft with her tongue and mouth. We lay there together, out of breath, and kissing one another with friendly tongues.

We agreed that was the the best sex either of us had ever had, and discuss a couple of other things we would like to try out. She tells me she loved the thumb in her ass, and that she would like to try anal, to which I agreed, after we have some room service.....

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