Random Thoughts on Involuntary Celibacy  

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7/22/2005 6:42 am

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Random Thoughts on Involuntary Celibacy

I know that women and men are different. I have read the books, listened to the experts on radio and TV and investigated the topic on the internet. What I do not understand is why men are expected to be understanding eunuchs, while women can delve deeper and deeper into their own personal needs and desires. Men have needs and desires as well. Granted ours are much simpler to grasp and understand.

Why do men have to take a back seat to their partner's search for more. My wife seems to be in search of something more all the time. Why can't she apreciate what she has.
- A husband who loves her and still sees her as the most beautiful women on the planet.
- Three beautiful and loving daughters.(Yes, two are teenagers and can be trying, but so were we all.)
- A 5,000 square foot, six bedroom, four and 1/2 bath home in the country. (Okay, the front yard landscaping needs to get finished, but it is still worth more than twice what we paid for it.)
- A fairly secure savings, twenty more years and it should be a very secure retirement barring major catastrophes.
- Very good health (knock on wood, her mother had been through cancer for six years by now).

I know that I am not going to be "rich". I know that I am not going to be "famous". I know I am not going to be "powerful". But I am solid, dependable and up till now faithful.

I make more money (according to Uncle Sam) than 95% of American heads of households. Fame is fleeting and I am not convinced a blessing upon those who achieve it. Power is a relative matter. I run a small division of fifteen people and can exert influence with customers all over North America. Maybe I do not make life and death decision, but my decisions affect the well being of those fifteen people and their families.

Maybe she is going through a phase, but she should be able to talk to me about it, not just rant on about her job. She started working about two years ago to help with the tuition for private school and to save for college. Since then she has become more and more wrapped up in her work. The girls feel neglected also. I find I am changing my schedule to get the girls to practice and games and school functions, while my wife cannot because of her job. I make roughly twice what my wife does and I run a 15 person division. This is not right, but I put up with it for now, becuase she feels it is important.

I am rambling on and do not have a point yet. Maybe I am just searching for advice or empathy. That is all I have time for today.

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