The World of Love  

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The World of Love

Leaning against the cool smooth glass of the office Window, his thoughts were full of her. Looking out the Window, not really seeing anything, images of her Passing through his mind. He was trying to figure out What it was about her that was so appealing,so Enticing.

She was beautiful,but in a way unlike any other woman He had known. She was one of the most giving,loving,Sensual,open,and arousing woman he had ever been With. A small smile crept across his face as he Remembered the last time they were together. She was Sprawled across the bed, delightfully naked,her eyes Closed,cheeks flushed,her hair mussed from his hands Running through it. The way she had given herself to Him,anticipating his wants, effortlessly offering Herself on the alter of their lovemaking.

He thought about her body.She was tall; her head came To just under his chin, and fit perfectly in his neck When she hugged him,something she did with a Wonderful frequency. To have a woman along his body,From shoulder to knee,was different than with women In the past. Her size was part of his fascination.They both knew she weighed more than she should,but He realized that not matter what happened to the Outside of her,the inside would never change.

Remembering a night in his shower,he thought about Those long legs,and how he stood behind her, the warm Water splashing and running down over them. All she Had to do was bend over slightly,and he had entered Her from behind, his big hands firmly and possessively Wrapped around her hips.Or other nights,his weight Pressing her down into the bed,those long legs Wrapped around his waist,pulling him into her deeper. Sometimes he felt like he couldn’t get close enough.

Her skin was another favorite part of her.Silky soft,Smooth,pale,a collection of little moles scattered Over her body. He could picture the goosebumps as They raced along her skin when he kissed and licked His way down her body.She was so wonderfully Responsive.Sometimes,when she would lay on her Stomach,him laying beside her, he would run his Fingertips along her back.He loved the husky,bedroom Kind of laugh she made as her muscles flexed and Bunched under his touch.He knew most of her ticklish Spots,and visited them often.

As he traveled across her body in his mind,he thought Of her hair.Reddish blonde,a little more than Shoulder length,and so satiny soft.He loved the way It slid through his fingers,the way she groaned when He tugged it in his passion. He thought of the way it Felt as it trailed along his body as she explored him,Learning every nook and cranny of his hard, muscular Body. Sometimes it would brush across the crease Between his thigh and hip,making him jump, the Feeling so intense.

A moan slipped from his lips as he remembered the way Her mouth felt on him just after her hair had Preceeded it.It wasn’t so much her technique,which Was unbelievable,it was the generosity with which it Was given.It almost felt as if she were worshipping His body,her attention to it so complete and loving.He had to close his eyes sometimes,the sight of his Hard length sliding in and out of her mouth too
Overwhelming. The sensation of her warm wet tongue as It stroked across the underside of him while her full Lips caressed up and down the length was exquisite. Or she would stroke him with her hand,gazing Adoringly at him. She told him once how she loved to Watch his face when he came,and he thought of how Hard it had been to let her that first time.Now he Relished it when she did that.

Moving down her body in his mind, he thought of her Breasts.They were full,the skin almost translucent,With blue veins clearly visible along her chest.The Nipples were large,the light brown circles around Them dappled with little bumps. He loved to watch her Nipples harden as he played with them.He would run His tongue over them,circling around the nipple,Making her almost desperate for him to suck strongly at her Then when he did,she made that throaty little Growl he loved so much.The power he felt at bringing That sound from deep in her throat was intoxicating.

So many times he had nibbled his way down her softly Rounded belly, then lower.He would nuzzle in the Trimmed pubic hair,then spread her legs with his Hands. He never tired of looking at her this way; Open,vulnerable,trusting.The skin of her puffy lips Was a deep mauve that he knew would turn a deeper shade of red when she was aroused. She kept it shaven from the lips back, and he was amazed at how soft that hidden skin was. He remembered the way she tasted the first time he licked her there. He would never forget that smell or the sweet juicy taste of the center of her.He loved driving her to orgasm after orgasm with his talented mouth. He knew just where to lick and suck and bite to send her crashing over the edge.He thought of the way she bucked and groaned as he brought her to the brink,sometimes making her beg to be allowed her climax. God, he loved that.

He shivered when he thought of her hands.They were so graceful;long fingers,perfectly manicured nails,and strong.Sometimes she would grip him so tight she almost bruised him in her release.The way those long nails would stroke his body,making his muscles ripple as she moved over him,drove him crazy.They could be out somewhere and he would look at her hands and want her right then,no preliminaries,just a raw sexual taking.And she would let him.He chuckled as he thought of that,wondering who was taking who at times.

He suddenly remembered a day they spent at the state fair. They had gone to look at the horses, and it happened to be the day all the draft horses were there. He would never forget the look on her face;it was like a kid at Christmas. They spent over two hours there,going to each and every stall, as she greeted and petted those huge beasts. She never showed an ounce of fear, and they knew it. They nuzzled her, nickered and whinnied, and let her pet to her hearts content. Her every emotion showed in her face,and he loved to see her so happy.

He shook himself, the sensual images of her almost a tangible thing in front him that he could reach out And touch. He took his hands out of his pockets, a deep need bubbling up inside him to hear her voice. He reached for the phone.
Manifesting True Love

If you’ve been sitting around in the singles' department, watching the handsome guy at the pool, if you've been overwhelmed by a career that hasn't left time for intimacy, if all your friends are married and you feel like the only person in the world who hasn't found, "the one," then you may believe that there won't ever be a true love for you.

If that's true, then you need to start believing that love does indeed await you. Just as nobody gets to Paris without believing that Paris exists, nobody falls in love without believing that a wonderful love is possible for them.

That's because conceptualization creates reality. In the story of almost every successful tycoon, we read that there was a belief that against all odds he or she would succeed some day. It's no different with you: what becomes manifest in your life arrives because consciously and unconsciously, you believe it can happen–whether it's a better job, a new car, or a true love.

The precondition of love's ever arriving is that you believe that somewhere out there is a real live person for you to love. If you believe it, it'll be true; if you don't, it will never happen. In fact, the person who could be the love of your life could step right up and look you in the eye, and you could say, "Excuse me, I've got an appointment," and head off in the opposite direction.

Believing that there's a true love for you may seem like a very small thing, but for a lot of people there's a great big hovering doubt that this wonderful thing called love could actually happen to them. Maybe you've already had twenty-four hour lousy relationships, maybe your fiancé died in a car crash, maybe you've always believed you aren't pretty enough, smart enough, or successful enough, or you're so shy that you can't even imagine having the kind of conversation that could get you into a relationship in the first place.

Remember Cinderella? She lay in rags on her pile of cinders and dusted up after her nasty stepmother and stepsisters. The furthest thing from her mind was that she, the raggedy cindersweeper, could ever fall in love.

Yet deep inside, Cinderella had faith, because when the Fairy Godmother showed up, she was open to the possibility that something good could happen to her; she didn't run away.

Instead, she put her faith in the Fairy Godmother, she accepted that the pumpkin turned into a coach, and she stepped into the little glass slippers with absolute confidence. She didn't say, "My goodness, how do you expect me to walk on these, they're going to splinter the minute I put my feet inside them?" No, she was open to love. Deep inside, she already said, "I believe in love; I believe that miracles can happen."

If you don't believe in Fairy Godmothers, you'll certainly never see one. And if you don't believe in love, it will never show up for you either. So take a risk, find the faith, open your heart, and believe that the love of your life awaits you.

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