Another day, another thought  

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9/26/2005 9:59 am

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Another day, another thought

Well today is the start of another week and to my surprise I am somewhat happy on this monday morning. Over the weekend I had some interesting thoughts and decided to change a few things. I have been trying to connect with a woman that I briefly met through an exchange of emails on here. I was always gone on the weekend or we were at different bars at the same time. Last week I sent her a note that inquired why I had not heard from her and if she was still interested in meeting, and I got no response. I am a very simple person in philosophy but complex with emotion. By that I mean that the philosophys I believe in are very flat, easy going, cant be misunderstood. Everything happens for a reason, you cant ever ask why it does, shit happens, good things happen, tragedy strikes, there is a purpose behind every action and reaction that happens in our life. Emotionaly I can be a little hard to put your finger on because I dont always know what I want. I want to be left alone at times, others I would give anything to give my full attention to listen to someone elses problems and try to help them through a rough time or just be there friend. I have always been "a nice guy" and have very few enemies, I get along with everyone. When I meet a new person I want to know about them, I can become close with someone very quick which scares some people but I mean nothing by it,. Others find themselves enjoying my company quickly and several women have fallen quickly for my charm and sense of humor, how I can be so into someone for an intense moment and make them feel like no one else does just by laughing and listening. I am friendly and nice by nature.
What I am getting at is that over the weekend I ran into my wife at a bar where I thought I would run into this other girl (my wife and I are separated for anyone that might be reading) and we talked, had a few beers, went home together and had pretty good sex and decided to give life together another try. Over the past 6 weeks I had tried several times to find this other girl which was just going to be a friendship I think but you never know, it could have become a friendship with percs SO us not meeting and me finding my wife again must have happened for a reason right? Deep down I doubt it will work out in the long run(which I feel bad about) but to keep trying when marriage is supposed to be all about a commitment, thats somewhat comforting. I think only one person has read my blogs since I started them and It was a complete stranger that I had never talked to before and I thank her for responding. The world needs more people to be social with each other, no one knows why we are here, or how long we are here for, might as well hang out with a few people and share some laughs while you are at it. Until next time, keep keepin on.

Timid Tiger

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