Finally dressing sexy  

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7/16/2006 11:33 am

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Finally dressing sexy

So yesterday I spent hours with my fiance shopping for one blouse. I have body image issues and had a set place in my mind about what would/would not look sexy on a bigger girl. I probably tried on 30 blouses that were all subject to veto for various different reasons. He hasd his heart set on this halter blouse with which I would be unable to wear a bra. I was leaning more toward the criss cross style that had a shelf bra in it with some support.

Eventually - I was completely overridden and we purchased the aforementioned halter. It was paired nicely with a long flowing skirt and sandals that I already had.

We prepared to leave for an evening out and I was instructed to wear no undergarmets. I got myself ready and looked in the full length mirror and I was more than suprised at how nice it really looked.

So I went out for the first time in my life (very conservative background) dressed "sexy" it was really a thrilling experience. Moving through the bars/clubs with no bra or panties - made me feel good - a sense of empowerment to a large degree.

We had a great time on our night out. We hit a few places, watched a lot of ass, heard some good and not so good bands, met up with a few friends and got home around 1AM when things were dying down.

When we got home, he was really tired but I was exceptionally horny so I decided to masterbate and he was kind enough to give me some porn and toys to keep me busy.

I had a great time while he was resting and brought myself to squirt more than a half a dozen times. The sheets were so soaked that there was still liquid laying on them when I got up. It had to be more than 2 quarts of liquid. I had to get towels to clean up the mess I made. I was completely wasted...

He followed me to the bathroom where I began cleaning myself up - there was cum from my pussy to my knees. He told me that I was wasting time... I protested that I was too spent after the many times I had cum - I could barely stand.

He began playing with my breasts and nipples making me even more weak at the knees, realizing that he held me up against the wall to stabalize me while he continued to play.

He moved me into the living room and laid me over the ottoman and began to beat my ass, legs and pussy hard. This lasted for about 35 minutes until my ass was fire engine red and numb to the touch.

I was then led back into the bedroom and literally fucked until I was delirious - I don't even recall falling asleep!

I woke up this morning still incredibly horny and I found the nearest dildo and began fucking myself with it until I squirted.

Through a series of fortunate events I find myself here typing this blog with my boobs tied up - very painful yet somehow there is cum running down my leg

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