good night-  

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5/21/2006 7:48 pm

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good night-

Had an enjoable time w/ friend.
Breath of fresh air for sure, lots of common interests. Jane is smiling.
She helped me actually finish a project that was going into it's 3rd yr of being stuck. Damn...
Felt great...
Classy gal, atractive inside as well as out.
No addictions, and a natural around animals.
As far a friends go,
great as a spiritual/intellectual, equal..
Never needing to repeat myself,
having adept help,
doing it right the first time...

I suspect I've spooked the shee-it out of you all as my e-mail is comfortably unused today,.. LMAO
Ok, I'm digging my heels in here...
(talking junk)
I have this silly picture in my head-
of 'you' men, reading/grazing, clutched cock in hand, flesh feeding over load.
Stumbling through the first part of my blog,-rereading it like oops,,,DAMN..-
she's talkin what?MMMM, HMMMMM....

then reaching that fantastic scripture...
If only it were true,
and could be given a voice, a dialog....
Nothing vain or malicious, just straight up truth....
A sincere effort to make anyone who is paying attention-(??????)
too pause along the way w/thought.
If you don't think it's in my mind,
ask me?

You better be damn clear you are interested in me, and why...
You will be quized and soberly observed in my actual personal company....
Could you handle a sober, calculator in your presence .... unwilling to compromise the truth for anyone, if it is not true.... personal morals...?
But there are 2 things wrong with these mental notes/pic,
#1- to even think you read my profile past my pic, is a luxury I don't even get to afford myself.
#2-that you were even aware of yourself
enough, to make a coherant/concious descision to bother me... Like I'd want to grace your minds eye.....
It's apparent readers are a dying breed.
If someone has the good grace in either gender or couple, or -what ever..
to fillout a profile- w/ half a snowballs chance in hell to be 'at your level', then step up.
if you think- b4 you shrink, or after,
good for you, this is a site for all.
even for honest dreamers---
'for the best of'?? like me.
Night all.

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