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5/13/2006 9:13 am

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broaden our horizons

Well.. as usual, life is intresting. I'ld love to have a nice, boring, normal day for once. well.. no.. i

so i have been talking to a woman online that i met through myspace. She is a fairly inteligent woman, she is 31, and she has a child. she seems to have a great personality, good sense of humor.. all the good things you look for. the down side, is that she is fairly naive when it comes to sex, and the world of sex. now.. dont get me wrong.. its not a bad thing that she hasnt had the experiences that i have.

i have been talking to her about some of my thoughts on the diffrence between sex, and love. Damn the catholic church for making society think you couldnt have one without the other. as im sure some of you know, thats just not the case. i have been attempting to open her eyes to some realities that i have in my life. Sex is sex, love is love.. if the two are together, its fantastic, if they arent, its not a bad thing.

the thing im worried about is that if i bring her into my world, well it be similar to having sex with a virgin?... will the attitudes be the same?.. the infatuations developed for someones first, while cute, can get a bit complicated. the only reason tha ti ask this, is that the conversations are starting to head in that same direction.

though... i guess, if im trying to bring her into the world of swinging, it wouldnt have the same effect... well.. in theory

she has expressed to me intrest in both, threesomes, as well as being with another woman. i have faith that i would be able to help her out with both of those things, if nothing else, through this site.

i dunno.. just babbling i guess.... ill keep ya posted on how this goes

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