another day in paradise  

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4/14/2006 10:03 pm

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another day in paradise

well.. today was another long day at work, following a long week, leading into a long weekend. yes.. i have to work easter weekend. so think of me when you go to your local lumber yard to get supplies for that home improvement project

i spent about an hour talking to someone from madison who is also registered on this site... and it was a pretty good conversation. in the end... we talked about sex, and how, for me, music is a big part of it. we talked about the diffrent types of sex from a cpl of my playlists. there is the up against the wall and fucking till ya drop, the quiet, bottle of wine, candles, fireplace, exploring each others body type sex, there is the "get er from the back" kind, and the one that sparked, what i thought, was the best kind of sex... the Evil kind. she wasnt really sure what i was talking about... so i showed her... via yahoo messenger. i gave her a copy of the song "The wretched" by NIN... and had her play it the same time that i started it... and described to her.. in detail, what i wsa talking about. after the song was done, and i was done explaining, she basically said she had to go... i can only assume to go her husband

it got me thinking about alot of things... i had a few beers prior to that.. and you know how that can get...

in the end... im hoping that it was a good thing... but i wont know till i her from her again. o well.. my fingers are crossed.

lol.. if anyone needs some give me a yell.. and i can demonstrate why i changed my intro line for ya

ps.. in case you havent noticed yet.. im adding some of my digital art to each of these blog entries... and with that.. im off to bed.. weat dreams to all that are actually reading this.. and may tomorrow be better than today

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