Wow, what a day  

rm_Thurmin 43M
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6/8/2005 9:21 pm

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Wow, what a day

So the work thing is a little heavier then usual. Literally. We have to load/unload a truck with a bunch of speakers, lights n shit for Toby Keiths. Then carry all the crap up to the bar, or through the hotel, up the elevators, and to the bar. Not a 'lot' of lifting overall, but damn if there wasn't a lot of shit to move. To make matters worse, I'm sorely, sorely out of shape. I handled it all okay, but man, I believe I'm going to feel it tomorrow.

On the note of out of shape, at a glance, I look to be in good shape, but believe me when I say that it's all looks. This bag of bones and flesh doesn't work out, how sad is that? Well, used to not work out. Since arriving to Vegas, I've started working out. I am finding I have more energy overall throughout the day, which is good. I'm also attempting to quit smoking, although that's going poorly truth be told. Now, if I can just stick with the working out long enough to where I hate how my smoking is interfering that'll help.

Energy at the moment...pensive I guess. I've met someone online here, sweet person from what I can see. Anxious to meet her. Bit of the butterflies, typical but something that exists all the same. Wonder what's in store for us on a meeting, should one take place. Judging by what this site is about, a mindblowing experience . Regardless, it's soon to be Thursday. Weekend can't get here fast enough for some R&R. Steam isn't the only thing I need to blow off .

Ana_6973 43F

6/9/2005 2:17 am

Good luck quitting smoking in Vegas. It is a hard place to stop since it seems to be the final bastion for smokers in the US.

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