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3/24/2006 11:24 am

All the talk that the recent movie V for Vendetta, different views between just me and my friends about our country. The war in Iraq, and many political views, not to mention how many people don't like our country, don't agree with with we pay taxes when some many immigrants don't pay taxes at all, don't pay for school, don't pay for housing. Why is it that we the Americans have to supply everyone else?
The movie was great, I really enjoyed it. But I noticed at the movie theater that their is a banner about the world trade center towers. It's funny how a revolutionary movie comes out and to make people forget about it they will come out with a movie about terrorism and fighting for our country. People join together to fight for one cause, that is the only way to get the job done. Revolution is the same way, people joining together to fight for what they believe in, it how our country was founded. After the civil war, and we elected our first president, George Washington, we haven't had a revolution since, so everything is just perfect, just a great country. While so many states have different laws just in their state, so more harsh so not as, but they all follow what the government really wants. You would think that gas prices, how they are all federally owned, would be the same price. Also the communication, post offices and mail are all federally owned and soon the Internet itself will, which I don't know if it is already is federally owned. If it's not, it will be.
Also, why is it that most our soldiers agree that it is all right to be in Iraq, but those who are not, bitch about the " Iraq Freedom" where they don't see why were their. You know that Iraq has a lot of oil, come on, setting up their government with people the US chooses won't benefit our country. Well our government, by millions if not billions of dollars. Why can't Iraq go through what our country did, cause it will take 200 years to accomplish what we did. And then, people won't be satisfied with the government their and revolt. If the US is keeping everyone in the US happy or satisfied, no actually their keeping everyone distracted. They don't want revolutionary talk, they don't want people to stir up thoughts. I have heard that their won't be social security benefits for my age when I retire, but I still pay for it on my paychecks. I am not happy. People will say, well what am I going to do about it" Well it's not I it's us, what are we going to do about it, their is no government without the people, Remember what JFK said " ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". And he got capped, but who, Lee Harvey, I don't think so, if it was that easy, then Lee Harvey gets it too, don't kill him before he can talk a jury that he's innocent. I don't know and neither does any other normal person, everyone wants a conspiracy, but if the US told us that the CIA was responsible, how many pissed off people would their be, a lot. If we were told that our own government destroyed the twin towers for and excuse to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, people and military would be pissed. So instead the everyday American can't wait to get home to have a beer, talk with their family and watch the game, or ladies watching American idol. Why do people that are in the entertainment industry so rich, I mean can do anything they want, yeah it got to be hard, my ass. I think tearing a 4 layer roof off in half a day more work, that is tough and it actually helps our community. How come people who do actual work don't get paid twice as much? Cause they didn't go to college? Their is nothing wrong with continuing your education, it's like the only way you can get great benefits for health and dental and other things. Think about it, if you gave someone normal who works his/her ass off a million dollars they'll make it last a long time, invest it, maybe get a nicer home and save for their children's education, no spend it. So instead you give millions to people who keep us talking about movies, sports and other things, because they spend it to help our economy. I think their is something wrong with our country, anybody else? I can't be the only one, if I am then I am just rambling on about stuff that no one cares about. It's like talking about politics, religion with drunk people, just not the conversation to have, it upsets the herd. That is exactly why the government doesn't tell us everything, because they don't want to upset the herd. Who knows maybe I am just whining about money, but I don't think money would shut me up, if anything I would put that money to good use. I would still feel the same about our country whether I had 1 dollar or a million dollars. Don't you think that the same people have been in congress for how many years. It's like chess, every party is trying to get their people into the right positions so they can get what they want. If we the people want something we need to stand together to get it, like how do you think women got the right to vote, not by sitting around and waiting for it to happen. How did Rosa sit in the front, not by waiting for the bus driver to say " hey why don't you sit in the front" I don't think so. Yeah there is a lot more to it than words, but next time you think about how you don't like something, think of where it came from. When our economy needs a boost, raise the gas prices, when it settles, lower it, I don't like it. Think it we had the ability to travel anywhere, or do anything without the struggle and the savings to get their. What happens if we could vote on everything, I haven't got to vote on the bill to allow carrying a conceided weapon in Nebraska, but it's about to get passed. Are you kidding me, everyone's going to be carrying a gun. My friends got a tech nine, 32 shot clip, 9mm bullets and a semi-auto hair trigger, I don't think allowing him to carry it a bad idea, but we already have people carrying guns illegally, think if they pull out theirs and they ask him to give them his money, he's probably going to shoot, depending and there gun, you can survive a .22 bullet, but you can't survive 32 shots from a tech nine, I don't think it's a good idea to carry guns, for no reason. If anything it's going to cause more problems than solve them. But once again, when has the state or government cared about one human life, they don't, you know why, were products that they have control over. Humans are the products that are always going to be there, population is a problem isn't it? It causes more need for jobs, more unemployment, more drug users, and pretty much supply's everything else. Why do you think people sell drugs, because it's none taxable cash, and the need will always be there, pharmacists get paid a lot, but not nearly what crack dealers get, because their are more pharmacists than drug dealers, so the selling price it high. Now if the dealers could make the same doing it honest do you think they would still sell, I don't think so, if they made only 8 dollars an hour, figurally speaking, they wouldn't do it, it's just not worth it anymore, but if you can make millions doing it, jail doesn't sound that bad, does it? Hopefully when my kids are my age, they aren't thinking like I am, but you know if we don't do something NOW, they will and our government will have more power and control than they do now. I think revolution is coming, just got to pick a side. Which side are you going to be on? With all the different views everyone has, there has to be something that everyone agrees their not? I know everyone wants a better life for their children, I don't even have kids yet and I won't something better for them, that's one...any others? Take this how you want, it really doesn't matter. All that matters is what YOU and I want, not what we are forced to deal with. Does it even matter? I have heard others talk about a revolution, but if it does happen, let's not pull a Europe and have like 15 in a hundred years. Put the right people into power. No high council, no president or congress, maybe a big round table with a voted spokesperson from different society levels together, and a united states vote on everything, everyone can vote, I don't care if your 18, is their a difference between 16 and 18, besides the laws we have towards them, then 21, they all mean same difference. Knock, Knock, " who's there?" "shawn", "shawn who" REVOLUSHAWN.....[
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