Yaaar, Shiver me Loins!  

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12/22/2005 10:35 am

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Yaaar, Shiver me Loins!

You ever get that feeling when you see one of the most beautiful women you've ever seen? I'm talking about the stunning ones. The ones that hit you like a knockout punch the moment you lay eyes on them. There's something different about them. And the type of woman is different for every guy. One girl who might produce this effect for one guy might be just average to another guy. But I'm talking about the feeling you get when this happens. As a mostly confident, mostly decent looking guy (so people tell me), and most importantly, a guy who really doesn't have a problem with girls...be it afraid to talk to them, lack of confidence, or any of the normal fears you get when you're in high school....so it's weird when this phenomenon occurs. It's like being a deer caught in some headlights. Of course, the girl must think you're an idiot, as you just stand there dumbfounded for a moment. Or longer. But that feeling, the explosion of wonder is the feeling of Shiver Me Loins! It can be related to the experience of actually ejaculating. Think about what we do when we cum. We lock up, make weird faces, and shiver a bit, then when we're done, we're in an eerily mild and transcendant state. Well, I had a fantasy a few days ago. A living, walking fantasy. I met one of those women who gave me the Shiver Me Loins feeling. I was walking to work. The walk for me is about 10 full minutes through the financial district of Boston. It's Autumn here so girls are starting to dress a bit differently than they do during the summer. I turned a corner around a building and nearly bumped into one of the most radiant brunettes I have ever seen. We literally were inches apart before we stutter stepped, smiled a little, and simultaneously said: "Excuse me". For a frozen second as I moved to make way for her, I lost my opportunity. I was very late for work and had to keep going. But as she passed, I turned to look, and she turned back to catch one last glimpse of me. The last thing I remember is her smirking lips and sparkling eyes as they hinted with a mischievous and playful look. I can only imagine what she desired to communicate with that look. I had no choice but to continue walking to work with the most raging and throbbing erection. I could still see the above-knee black skirt with tall black boots, the red sweater and her long curly dark hair. She was perfect. As I reached down through my pocket to shift my cock a bit so I could walk better, I got the feeling again. I couldn't help but think of her. Walking a bit slower now, I boldy started massaging my penis through my pants. I had all I could do to keep walking a straight line. I kept seeing her in my mind's eye everywhere I went. It didn't take long, but after some continual rubbing and caressing, I was able to work myself into a huge orgasm. It was unbelievable. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you whoever you are. I can only hope we meet again. When I got to work I had to quickly go to the bathroom and remove my underwear and throw them away. The rest of the day was torture as I worked with just my pants. And for any guy who has ever done this, you know that pants have this funny way of teasing your cock all day long. It was the longest day of my life. But when I got home, I took a shower, and guess what/who came to mind. I just couldn't shake the image. This next orgasm was even better than the first. I didn't have to worry about people, walking, getting to work on time, or any other worry. I could focus on the most beautiful girl in the world. If I could only meet her again, I could make her the happiest girl in the world.

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12/22/2005 10:56 am

That is a shame you did not have a few mintues to talk with her...maybe you could of got her number. Then soon after that you coulb be on here typing a blog about how you found love at first site lol. Who knows...you might run into her again...I hope you do.

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