Striking out once again.....  

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10/16/2005 7:42 pm

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Striking out once again.....

On the old AdultFriendFinder Blogs. It's been awhile since I've done anything with this section of the site. I don't know why really had a bit of fun while doing the last time around. I guess you could say I had other things to do or some thing or someone else came along that seemed a bit more fun and interesting than keeping up a Blog.

Now there's going to be a glarring contradiction if you just payed attention to the above as well as to this particular Blog. You might actually be saying what the hell is this twit going on about, once again doing an AdultFriendFinder blog? This is his first entry, the first post there are no others in which he is referring to.

Well yes that is true, true enough for this account at least. Oh, ok. Yeah I was on here once before under a different name, blogging away back in the month of April. The name I was under then was The_Imp_and_koko as you may have guessed it was a couple's profile and the blog I was doing then, and going to go back to in the near future, was The Jabberwocky.

Why this, why am I now just The_Imp_1978? Well because I'm here and well Koko she's off somewhere 1000 miles away. That is till I finish school and then I'm off to be back with my little sweety. Now could have stayed on with the old account. Gone about the same pursuit we were engaged in through there. That however seemed a bit more missleading. Not that going about it as under an account of just putting myself as male is any more or less misleading.

I have myself down as "seperated" in the little marital status section. That seemed truthfull to me but that of course really depends on what it is you consider to "seperated". The popular take on it would be that we were no longer living together and are well on our way to getting a divorce. As well as both of us being free and clear to go about doing something dumb and getting remarried later on down the road. That I must say is not the case with us nor is it what I meant when I selected "separted" under marital status.

Really what I mean by separted is that there happens to be a thousand mile gap between us. And she's no longer within easy reach of my penis.

Now why am I on here? Well for the most part I'm on here still for the same reason I was on here before. Only difference is that I've had a bit of time since April to set and think about things. Readjust my attitude, ambitions, and expectations of what I tried to get from this site and the people I meet here.

As this site is pretty picky about who or what gets to look at profiles let alone get to read anything of them. I figure I'd just post the main bits of mine here for all to see. Oddly you don't have to be a silver or golden child to view post read and or otherwise enjoy the blogging world of AdultFriendFinder. Which on the whole is good. But here's my profile.

Come a little closer said the spider to the fly.

As the title may or may not suggest, I'm a deviant, fiendish, playfull, mischevious, little bugger. I crave and lust after sexual depravity. Mmmm..... the key word here being lust. Such a wonderfully sumptuous word rolls right off the tounge in a seductive sort of way. Say it out loud, you feel how it just sort of caresses the tounge in a nice bit of verbal forplay ...... mmmm ..... nice.

Yes, lust for me is the essence of life, the thing that keeps the world a whriling, and well the reason any of us are here in the first place. That and it makes for one hell of a sin to throughly debauch yourself in. I'm a bad little boy that doesn't really plan on repenting any time soon. Figure I'll slink on down to the 9th level grinning and groaning the whole way through. As my good ol' Pa use to say "If somethings worth doing, Then it's worth doing right."

Damn skippy it's worth doing right. Who likes bad sex? Let's see a show of hands out there in the audiance of who enjoys bad sex? Anybody..... No, didn't think there was.

As sex isn't THE only thing I enjoy, though it should be noted someone told me once I came across as equateing sex to air, I do enjoy a variety of other interests.

First off I'd like to state that I am a spiritual but not a religious person. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in god. What's the name of your god? To question the existence or non existence of there being a high level, all powerfull, all knowing deity of any sort or name is really rather silly and pointless to me. It's like a mobius strip of asking the question why.

What's that mean with me what do I do and delve into. Well I like to study theology or mythology if you will. Pick up a book that goes over a good deal of world belief systems/mythologies and you'll see a great deal in common. I also like to study the Qabalah, The Tree of Life, the Tarot, and Astrology.

Which brings us to our other very, very, very, very, very notable point about me. I happen to be, if you haven't noticed, a Scorpio more to the point a true sign Scorpio. Well what's that suppose to mean? Why's that so notable to make a point of it you ask. Well because it really in a way sort of simplfies the whole discribe me portion of this thing at least in the personality department. That means if you were to go and look up scorpio from pretty much any source, and I've read many. What it has to say pretty much fits me to a tee both the good and well yes admitedly the bad as well. Though I have been working on the bad sorts of things so they're not so bad and off putting to people. That's why I got into the whole tree of life thing. Scorpios are also, get this, the sex sign of the Zodiac, bet you didn't know that eh?

Then there's school, I'm a college student. Started with the idea of doing art. Then I messed up and took a photography class. Well let's just say it was love at first sight. Not in school this semester, but will be back in the spring. Schools and finacial aid get annoying with their paper work especially when they get a wild hair up their asses and decide they need more paper work to fill out. Currently working and getting school situated again.

But photography is a real treat to me. I enjoy it and what have you, getting my associates in it. Though I'm not really sure if it'll be something I stay with and make a carrer of per say. Been leaning towards wanting more out of it than just a still image. Too stagnate, not dynamic enough for me and my likeings and craveings. Needs too be something more there in a way. So the current plan as it were is to finish photography out at OC and then go off to a "real" school and get into video or animation.

That would be the ticket. After all it wouldn't be much of a web if were just one stagnet strand. Not much movement, not too dynamic to spiral around nine levels down ya know.

Ideal Person:
Hmm...... Has there ever been a more unfair question to ask someone? Hell most people couldn't tell you what they are looking for in themselves let alone in someone else. I'm sure we all go into relationships with some sort of idea. There's always that, ideals, desires, what you fantasize about, the reality of it all, strings or no strings. Really it almost seems like in the end it would be nice if you could just go out to some sort of vending machine, push a few buttons, then out pops your "ideal" person.

To me asking the question of what your looking for in a person is akin to asking the question to a child of "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I was asked that question growing up. I'm sure we all were at some point. For myself I think everytime I was asked that question over the years I gave a different answer each time with the same conviction that at that moment I really wanted to be or do that when I grew up. I wanted to be all sorts of things as a kid, and I still want to be all sorts of things as an adult.

What your looking for or what you want changes and fluctuates with the currents of time in my view.

It's really an unfair question. I propose that the question should really be "what is the attitude your going into putting a profile here?" Or something similar to that.

But I'll answer my version.

Here I am slinky, sliding, swirling 9 levels down in blissful, lustfully sexual, debauchery. I'm on a mission, I'm on a wild devilishly good time of a road trip.

Road trips are fun to take, never know just what you'll run into or what you'll see. Just load up your car, get in, set your compass point to the thrid star on the left and straight on till morning. Youthfull fun just waiting to be had around every corner.

The thing that really makes road trips worth going on though are the buddies you pack into the car with you. The things you see and do, but the best part being the ride you took to get there.

I'm looking for a buddy, weather that be on a weekend roadtrip, or to go straight on till morning and never get out of the car. Life's one hell of a journey and you'll never know just where you'll end up. I have an idea of where I want to go, just looking for people interested in going along for the ride.

For the most part that's what I'm looking for. I already have a Long term relationship. It really does make no sense in me going out purposely butting my head against that same wall looking for one like I did when I was single. Not that we or I are not open to it. Always glad if people want to join us through our trip in life.

Seems to be some trick then to find someone that may be remotely interested in a relationship with a couple. Add on to that the fact that half of the couple lives 2 states away and you have yourself a bit of a problem. I quite litterally mean it when I say I'm just interested in a buddy to be with. I'm looking at spending around 3 more semesters here, or about a year and a half. I have no plans what so ever to leave my wife for any woman. Unless that is if your willing to sign a prenuptual agreement stateing that you will with out fail for the rest of your life give me a blow job each and every day. I think that'd be a fair trade, question is can you work in sexual favors into a prenup? If you can I wish I had known about that before getting married. I'm sure I could have gotten it tacked on into the vows somewhere had I been on the ball.

Well this is a start to say the least. To get a better idea of where I'm coming from you'd probably need to go back to April Fool's day and start The_Imp_and_koko there.

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