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4/24/2006 9:22 am

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Who doesn't like foreplay? From a guys point of view foreplay is the best thing going next to intercourse...I love the feel, smell, taste of a woman, smooth skin, beautiful sexy eyes, soft sweet lips i mean DAMN!!! whats not to like. Just think about spend time sometimes hours exploring each others bodies her smooth, silky skin rubbing against yours, her breast and hard nipples pressing into your back as she gets in close. Her hand running up and down your chest, gentle teasing your cock as she glides her hands all over. She rolls on her back you get on top kissing her forehead, eyes, tip of her nose, cheek, ear lobe, neck, chin, until you place a soft but deep and wet kiss on her full sexy lips, moving down kissing ever inch of her sexy body, cupping her breast licking her hard nipples, kissing and then gliding the tip of your tongue down her stomach, she knows were your heading and you do this until nether you or her can stand it. You position yourself between her parted legs, you want to be just right so you can glide your hands up and down her side and hips at the same time kissing the inner thighs. You can see and smell, oh that sweet sexy smell mmmmmmm....anyways you can see the wetness, the juices glisten in the soft light as it slowly runs out and down onto the bedsheets. Taking it slow at first so not to miss a single inch of her hot, sexy vagina. I could be down there for hours, I love to make her cum over and over again. I like to feel her body tense as she explodes and her juices pour out and cover my face catching all I can on my tongue. I keep this up until we just can't take another second and we have to have each other, it's so damn great. Now don't get my wrong I very much enjoy receiving it as much as giving it thats the whole point to good for play but giving her awesome foreplay and fantastic oral is what its all about. At least from "this" guys point of view anyways. I mean quickies are fun too, teasing each other to the point where you have to find some hiding spot, pulling it out lift the skirt and fuck like rabbits then get back out before anyone knows your missing is great...ever once and a while but everything I wrote above is a hell of a lot better. Ok the book writing is over sorry its so long but I got a little carried away...Everyone take care of yourselves.

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5/9/2006 10:24 pm

Now that made me wet just reading that post. Hell I think my legs are shakin' a lil' bit.

rm_TheWolf36 replies on 5/10/2006 5:00 am:
Glad I could help "wink" Look me up sometime if you ever care to "chat"

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