Post climatic Nirvana  

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10/19/2005 12:30 pm

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Post climatic Nirvana

I hear you there sexyfit. You seem to have thought about it and made up your mind. Fair enough.

But I've been wondering about different moments while fucking..and I think the most emotionally intense is the one that immediately follows an earth-shaking climax after ravenous sex, and just before I pick up again. The raging lust slightly subsides into a few minutes of blinding clarity. Sweating and panting, our glistening bodies interlocked, I try to catch my breath; my head feels empty, my stomach giddy, my legs wobbly, my muscle tense and skin oh-so-sensitive. I whimper softly as the rest of my load slowly empties into...or onto her...and look into her placid eyes as she takes in my strengh...and for that split moment, the intensity of the whole universe seems to concentrate in that one eternal stare...

I do not believe in love, just the intensity of quiet after the storm has passed...

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