Confessions of a Sex Dog - Part 1  

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10/23/2005 4:11 am

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Confessions of a Sex Dog - Part 1

Ok. After days of procrastination, it is with some avowed relief that I have come to a disappointingly simple yet liberating conclusion that I do have, buried somewhere, some sense of higher principles when it comes to “casual sex”. I could well be a ravenous, depraved and lust-driven animal that will not stop at anything to assuage its carnal pleasure at any available opportunity; BUT…I do now derive some pride in saying that there is something more to it than just the good old “wham-bam-thank-you-very-much-Mrs Robinson”…

How do I know this, and why is it important? Well, I used to think that the mere fact of having a personal rule never to get laid under false pretences was sufficient to demarcate myself from the wolf pack. I found justification in knowing that I had never led anyone to believe there would be anymore to me that just mindless sex. But is that enough to make casual sex justifiable?

I have recently started to wonder whether I was capable of ever developing feelings for another person, being given the way I always reduce everything to the mere pursuit of mutual physical gratification. The ease with which I seem to move from one sexual experience to another, the lack of remorse in ending a relationship for the sake another, or even the lack of guilt in cumulating simultaneous relations had all made me question whether my self-portrayal as a “testosterone-driven-dog” had any uncanny side to it ‒ put in another way, whether I had crossed over to being just another faceless dick?
(to be continued....)

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