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10/11/2005 10:30 pm

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The Lady M & K

This is my very first blog thingy.

Finally, after a few weeks, now I have reason to use this blog. What I don't know is if it goes where I post it, of anyone other than my friends are reading it, and if anyone really cares. But, it is good practice!

I'm The Lady M, or just "M" to my friends. This is supposed to be a site for "Finding Friends" and that is really why we are here. There are lots of great people all over, and we never have the opportunity to just run across then in daily life. So we're here!

Out professional lives put us behind the scenes in many aspects of the adult entertainment industry, also a universe full of fun and interesting people.

It's going to be fun to see how those two universes come together. Doing a little bit of exploring on this site, We've seen a few very familiar faces. That's good.

There is a lot exhibitionism on this site, most just in the spirit of fun. We know so many ways that spirit can bring you much more and still be just as much fun, maybe more. That's what we do.

Our business is International Model and Talent Management for the Exotic Entertainment Industry. We are going to keep the company name off the site. If fact, we are going to keep all real names off the site. Gives us a chance to make up silly code names for everyone! Ha Ha!

To begin
I'm M, I'm the Girl, The General Manager of our Agency, Professional Model, Award Winning Director of Commercials, and the stunning babe in the bikini.

My partner in crime is K, The Man, The Boss, The Professional Artist, Great Photographer, Decorated Royal Navy Officer, and the the solid block of man that keeps me warm at night and hot all the time.

K doesn't want pictures of him here. That's so disappointing. He's really special. He has the sweetest blue eyes, a great body and you could bounce quarters off his butt. Except it would make him cross if anyone did but me. I want to say he looks like Sean Connery in Hunt for Red October except his hair isn't all grey, but K doesn't think so. He's even got that Scottish accent too!

I'm going to keep adding more, maybe treat this as a diary. A very public completely non-private diary that anyone can read. There's a scary thought!

rm_TheLadyMM 68M/39F
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10/11/2005 10:36 pm

Why does our profile say C 56, when it says in edit screen M56/F28? I've looked at a few others and they seem to shopw the age for both in a couple, how come it only shows one for us? And why isn't it mine? I'm the F28.

rm_Bronze330 40M
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10/21/2005 2:17 am

Looking good M!!!

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