things that you gose hummmmmmm and ooooooh yeah  

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12/10/2005 9:37 am

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things that you gose hummmmmmm and ooooooh yeah

well back when I was in high school. one of the things that did bather me a bit especialy during school hours. is that many girls were wearing skirt on breezy or windy days. don't get me wrong here people. it nice site to see every now and then but too me it a bit of a wrong time, wrong place, and wrong day kinda of thing.

it make me pose the question offen back then.

why do girls end up wearing skirts on windy days?

to me back then I felt it was kinda odd since not many people listen to the damn weather report while picking out clothes.

some guys would find it nice but to me find it rather a bit strange. maybe it due to fact that chance of the girls in my school getting caught or harassed is kinda slim. getting an aducation is one thing but getting a peek show that wrong time is another.

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