A night in colombia  

rm_TheDrag0n 39M
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8/21/2006 5:48 am
A night in colombia

It has been my experience that woman as much as men have their personal issues communicating what they want. We truly don’t correlate what we feel with action. I proclaim, don’t be afraid to take the first step every once in a while. Learn to appreciate what it is to share a moment in time together.
I will recount on my experience with this lovely woman I met in Colombia. She was suave and yet primal. She was under the impression that I was your stereo typical post adolescent male, only in for the kill. Much to her surprise, I was able to offer her an opportunity of a lifetime. Our initial encounter in the bedroom was as much of a typical heterosexual encounter as it was going to get. Neither of us really communicated initially. It showed in our lovemaking. After this first episode I decided that a more platonic approach was in order. So we discussed our views on various subjects for several hours, after which the sex was like something out of a Daniel Steele novel, passionate, adventurous, strong, deep, and ultimately orgasmic. In this I rediscovered the art of foreplay, and she reminded me on the importance of a soft touch on the right place at the right time. How much I had missed the cat and mouse games of the bedroom. It ended up being a wonderfully invigorating experience. I was most taken by how we took turns mutually massaging each other, exploring our individual worlds rekindling our connection over, and over, and over again. We talked on length for several more hours on our views towards politics, and the arts, and the effects of mass media on our society. Then we enjoyed the warmth of our bodies caressed, and then pressed against each other we whoopee several more times. We ended up spending an entire evening and day in that bed in Colombia. That was a moment I will relive in my minds eye for years to come.

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