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4/11/2005 8:51 pm

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Ok, so after spending nearly an hour reading one of the many erotic stories, I was extremely wet. He was also very much in the mood, so we cleared off the bed and pulled out my toys. He starts off by using one of the vibrators on my clit and moving between that and my hole. He then starts to concentrate on penetrating me with it, so I go to work on my clit with my other vibrator. This is usually the norm for how we start off our sessions; only this was different. Instead of thinking about him, I was thinking about the scene that was laid out in the story I read. It was the one about a woman's first Girl on Girl action. I couldn't help but picture myself in their shoes. And the thought of me licking another woman's clit, and having her lick mine helped to intensify things. Slowly wave upon wave of exquisite pleasure hit me, and then with one big jolt, I came. I hadn't cum that hard in at least a few days, so it was absolutely incredible.

I then, in the blissful state that I was in, reached out for him, and unzipped his pants. Normally he insists that I be on top, but this time he was so hard from watching me that he didn't even want to take his pants off the rest of the way. I grabbed his hard penis, and guided him as he plunged in, filling me, as he always does. He grabbed my left leg and supported himself on the bed; my leg draped over his arm, and proceeded to pump slowly and then more vigorously. Very soon, he was breathing heavier, and I could feel him getting close to cumming. And then the moment arrived, and he exploded into me with such force that I could feel it, he moaned with the last squirt, and collapsed onto my breasts.

Later, after we had cleaned up, we laid on the bed, talking about what had gotten me so wet. He was lying sideways on the bed, with his hand resting on my legs, which were draped over his groin. While I was absently touching myself, and feeling his cum seep out of me.

I just can't help but think how much pleasure the both of us will get out of me being with another woman. Hopefully that day will soon come.

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