Life and its waves  

rm_TeoHamilton 49M
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8/17/2006 10:44 am
Life and its waves

Its funny how things can come and go. The ups and downs of this life just never stop. I can be so happy one and the next things just don't seem to be clicking right at all.
Last week, I felt so good about myself and who I am. My life seemed to be heading in a better direction and I was going to be able to make a bigger impact. You know, make things happen, earn respect from my peers and so on. Then just a few days later, what I thought was great turned out to be not that much. When I thought I was feeling at my peek, others only saw it as average. So am I just average? Man...I just don't get it.
I am a good guy. I try to do the right things. I have a good mind. I know that I think a bit different than others, but its a good different. At least I think it is. So why are things better for me than they are? Just doesn't make much sense to me.

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