Interlude continued...  

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Interlude continued...

I originally stuck this in a comment, but since folks were having trouble finding it, here it is....

... she kept her eyes closed tightly, even as she slowly drifted into awakeness. The sound of the airplane engines still hummed over everything, and the dream she was having lingered in her mind. The scent of him, the warmth of him, the way he had held her down as he slid his fingers inside her. He had been a friend in the dream, a man she had known but never was sexual with, but she had given herself up to his nature, his lust, his control of her, and she had begged him to take her as he pushed her down onto the lush grass of the park on a warm summer day.

But some part of the dream hadn't been the idle working of her mind at rest. Under the warm blanket the stewardess had provided, fingers stroked and slid around the edges of her panties, her skirt now bunched at the waist. She could feel her wetness seeping out between swollen lips and she longed for those same fingers to touch her, feel her, take her pussy. Yet at the same time her heart beat fast with fear, knowing the stranger sitting next to her was now fondling her under the cover of the warm blue wool she had been slumbering under.

The plane had been full when she had arrived late for her flight, and it was only a last minute cancellation in first class and the flight crew taking pity on her that had gotten her the seat. Bigger and comfortable, she smiled at the handsome middle aged man sitting on the aisle as she slid past him to the window seat, and she snuggled down for the long flight under the warmth of the blanket as he read a book next to her. His only words had been "hello" when she arrived, and he seemed to be the type who preferred a quiet flight with very little conversation, which suited her just fine after the long holiday trip, the constant chatter of friends and family and the gossip they had relayed. She missed them when she was away, but she also couldn't wait to get home to the quiet of her own private space.

She kept her eyes closed and envisioned his face. Short brown hair, a strong chin with a well kept goatee, sparkling green eyes. Gently she bit her tongue as she felt those fingers of his sliding across her pubis, teasing the wetness from her body as she struggled against the rising desire she felt, struggled to snap open her eyes and cry out against his invasion. Yet somehow her eyes and mouth would not work, her chest rose and fell evenly as though sleep still stole her from the rest of the world. And deeper down she silently begged him to push her panties aside and take her just as her lover in the dream had done.

His fingers danced around the cotton fabric of her undies, rubbing along the edge of them on the inside of her thighs. She almost smiled at herself when she realized she was wishing she had worn a sexier pair of thongs - or even none at all - instead of the more conservative ones she had put on. But that thought was quickly lost when she felt those warm strong fingers slip under the thin fabric and slide up inside the last barrier of clothing to brush lightly over her swollen, needy lips.

She didn't stifle the moan this time, though she tried to do so. Suddenly she felt his warm breath tickling her ear as he whispered "I love the way you shave your pretty pussy," and slipped his fingers delicately over the hard little electric nub of her clit. Slowly she opened her eyes, looking into his bright green ones, his smile revealing big dimples that made it seem almost as though he was a young man playing a sensual prank on a favored feminine friend, a woman whom he treasured for a long time and with whom he was about to give the ultimate moment of lust to, willingly or not, knowing in the end she would come along with him and let him do what he needed to slake both their thirsts.

"Please," she whispered back, unsure if she meant him to please stop, or please continue. He kissed her briefly on the neck, sending a jolt down her body that caused her nipples to stiffen under her blouse, thankfully hidden by her blanket. And his fingers, those big warm fingers, slipped down between swollen lips and slowly teased in small circles around the edges of her opening, even as she gritted against her arousal, forced her hips to remain still.

He had pulled part of the blanket over his own lap, and now she saw him turn towards her, his left hand sliding under the blue wool to take hers, guiding her fingers across his leg until she felt the hardness of his cock, already freed from his pants, long and curving and throbbing under her touch. So much bigger then her husband's, left behind because of work and meetings, and his absence only guaranteeing that this stranger would have his way with her. She felt a fresh surge of moisture between her thighs as she began to stroke him under the blanket, and he rewarded her with a soft moan of his own as he let one finger, then a second, slip inside her tight cunt, push deeper into her body, the palm of his hand pressing down on her clit and pubis, cupping her pussy with that big hand of his.

Slowly they stroked each other this way for a time, and she blushed with embarrassment every time she saw him looking at her. Yet she could not - would not - take her hand off his prick, and the longer she touched it, the larger and thicker it felt, until she could no longer think of stopping, could only think of how it would feel filling her up, buried inside her, those heavy balls below it slapping lightly against her ass. She closed her eyes again and pictured him naked ontop of her, those green eyes staring into hers, her own hands doing the guiding as she put the head of that cock against her freshly scented cunt, pulling him into her... and she suddenly bit down on her lips as she gasped and moaned, the orgasm sweeping through her as he slowly finger fucked her, the image of drops of his sweat falling on her breasts and face as his cock filled her pussy pushing her past the edge. So wrong it felt, so right it felt, unlike any other orgasm in the past, full of edgy intensity, repressing the sounds and motion while pushing harder to let it release itself.

When she finally stopped panting against his neck, she felt cold again, scared again, and she pulled her hand free from his cock, once more feeling embarrassed by what this stranger was doing to her. She gave him all the signs of one whose interests had moved on, turning away from him, but she still couldn't stop his fingers without making a scene, and already they were beginning to arouse her again, her post-orgasmic bliss quickly replaced by growing needs. Her hips rotated in small circles and she squeezed her eyes shut again, knowing that all too soon he was going to make her cum again.

But his fingers suddenly left her lap, and she almost cried with the need of him, wanting more and yet glad he had finally stopped. She breathed deeply, smelling the scent of her own arousal seeping out from under the blanket, and she realized her legs were splayed open. Before she could close them, however, HE was there... there between them, there teasing her with that cock of his, there sliding the big head up and down between her thighs.

She pushed at him, hissing for him to stop. He simply pulled the blanket over both of them to hide what he was doing, though she knew that wouldn't hide it, only prevent others from seeing it directly. She glanced around, and everyone else was asleep it seemed, but before she could say or do more....

... he was fucking her, again and again, long deep strokes that filled her from head to toe, those balls doing exactly what she had fantasized about, and for god's sake she loved it, wanted it, needed more from him, needed all of him. She reached back and pulled on his hips and ass, urging him to fuck her. He plucked at the buttons of her blouse, yanking it open, pushing her bra aside and then covered her erect pale nipples with kisses and licks as he filled her with that beautiful, horribly delicious prick of his. She could feel him quickly growing bigger and harder, and though he had no condom on she cared little, only cared that each stroke sent another orgasm through her, that each thrust only made her feel better and wetter and sluttier and needier, only cared that she wanted this man's cum inside her, wanted his semen to fill her naked cunt so deep that it would never all run out of her.

He shuddered... his cock twitched as he thrust deep once more, and he buried his face between her smallish breasts as he groaned. "Do it," she hissed at him, raising her hips up to meet his last thrust, and he came, he came with blissfully intensity, setting off another wave of orgasms in her body as creamy white fluids seemed to flood deep into her womb. Over and over again he came, until it was dripping out around his prick, staining the seat beneath her. For minutes he held inside her, his twitches growing smaller and smaller, his cock slowly growing smaller as well until it finally slipped free of her vagina. For a moment she felt truly naughty and dirty, felt like the most beautiful slut in the world, and she pulled the blanket off herself to reveal her naked, used body to the world. She looked down at her cunt, the lips red and puffy, white cum dripping down over her ass, and she felt a feeling of... victory, joy, happiness.

Then the cold swept through her again and she covered up, her face burning hot with the hatred of herself for letting this man take her so easily, without so much as a fight. Even now as she burned with shame, he stroked her thigh, and as she closed her eyes and pretended to fall asleep again - trying hard to ignore the delightful way his cum seeped down over the brown pucker of her anus - he whispered in her ear "I'll have you again once we've landed."

And she softly smiled, knowing he would, and hated herself for knowing she would let him do whatever he wanted once they were off the airplane.... and so slept again, dreaming now of a man with green eyes, who took her whenever and wherever he

nikkij13 55F

12/21/2005 8:27 pm

Master was doing a little research (about you)and read your story. MMM...letting yourself be ravaged by a total stranger and loving it...its very erotic.

Im intrigued that y ou wrote it from the womans point of view. Why is that? Im interested and imagining what the green-eyed strangers point of view and telling of the encounter would be.

His statement about having her again when they land was a surprise...His commanding tone sent a wave of heat between my legs.

but i digress...i should be writing to you about my limits...

rm_Tantalus42 50M

12/22/2005 3:41 pm

you're right... why is it that I wrote from HER viewpoint? Probably because it appeals to Me to feel I am getting into the mind of the person I am ravishing, controlling, Dominating. I live for the reaction of My submissive, the way she gives over to Me the control I lust for, and so I write from that place, all the more so I can savor it when a lustful submissive like you tells me how much the story got into your head. But I like your suggestion to write it again from His viewpoint, and I think I will do that soon.

Looking forward to our next conversation, My cherished girl....

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