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12/20/2005 4:55 pm

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Explain this Someone

Like most folks around here, I read alot of profiles. And there's this strange thing I've noticed about some, a repetetive quality that is really bugging me. It's too closely matched to be a coincidence. They usually read like this one:

I'm the type who's rarely the first to make a move, but once things are moving, I'm really something else. I'm your typical fuck-and-forget date. No time for Love, Dr. Jones! Hey there! I'm a regular girl, a little on the quiet side, but I thaw fairly quick once I get to know you. The philosophy I live by is that you don't have to be loud and gregarious to be interesting. I'm in the mood for a creative fuck buddy in my life. Experience-wise, I'd like to meet someone who can teach me a few things. On Sunday afternoons I like to take things easy, getting ready for the work week ahead. When I go out, it's generally a quick round trip to Blockbuster and back. I've always been good at sitting back and listening to what others have to say. I look forward to seeing how the online dating world works. If you contact me remember that emails with a naked photo get special consideration. I'm not changing my life, I just want to improve it to the tune of one man.

So what's going on with these??? I can only think of three possibilities so far (thanking my wife for one of them):

1. Every one of them is another spammer, even though some of them are paying members.

2. Every one of them is someone who works for the web site simply trying to keep people interested in staying and paying.

3. There is some service on the web that folks know of where they can get this written out for them by filling in certain blanks (and it's not the service here, that costs serious money from what I can see).

Anyone? Any other options I may have missed? Anyone with one of these type of profiles care to answer the question? I sincerely want to know, it's bugging the crap out of me to see one after another of these.

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