Yada...Yada...Yada...LOL! :D  

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Yada...Yada...Yada...LOL! :D

This is April and on the 20th I turned 38! My dad is exactly 20 years older than I am and he said that 38 was great! So as positive and energetic and full of life such as he I think that I can look forward to a 58 is great as well! LOL! Actually both my parents have aged very well (Mom's still a hottie!)and have never been negative about the whole aging process...so it has never been an issue for me! I personally feel... 32 (LOL! thought I was going to say 20's hugh?)My 20's were fantastic but chalked full of learning life's lessons including a divorce and being a single mom. Not for long I met my soul mate(my hubby now)and in June we will be having our ten year anniversary! WooHoo! But in my 30's I decided to do every single thing that my heart desired as well as every single thing that anyone in my past ever said no that I couldn't do, for what ever controlling reason they may have had! So first I became a stripper at 32, just to see if I could do it! It intrigued me. I knew that I was a sexy person but kinda had the mind set that I had three kids and now I am in Mommy mode! Strippers are 20 with the perfect Playboy body! But I challenged my boundaries and put myself out there to "just see" if I could do it! LOL! The greatest experience I have ever had (until the lifestyle that is!) It empowered me. My husband always said I was beautiful but ya know...they love you regardless...LOL! I found that strippers on an average are not the Barbie's that I had first imagined...they came in all shapes and sizes and I saw for the first time in my life that with all the 100's of men in and out of the club they all had their type of woman that they were attracted to and it wasn't always the younger gals...they liked my sophistication and the way I carry myself and the fact that I could carry on an intelligent conversation. To my shock not only did the older gentlemen fancy me(because I figured I still looked like Barbie to them! LOL!) but men in suits and younger men, the type that I would have died in high school to go on a date with, filthy rich men that could pay and have their pick with the money they posessed and very intellectual men that from time to time lost me for a split second as I was trying to process some words I had never even heard of before! LOL! It's just like middle school...you go around the hard word and figure out what it means by all the other words in the sentence! LOL! I have always been a confident person but dancing drove it home for me!

Next I got a tattoo on my lower back! I love my tattoo and the artist that did such a fabulous job deserves a million Kissee all over his face because he was a perfectionist. If you look closely you can see the shading is not just one color like coloring in a coloring book, there is detail and many shades of coloring throughout! I was told by my ex when he wasn't my ex that I better never get a tattoo! At that time I just wanted a simple tiny heart or flower. This tattoo is quite a bit larger than that and I love it! I want to get another on the back of my shoulder...when I find the right one!

Then I got my nose pierced. Again my ex! LOL! What a waste of energy! I was twenty and going to cosmetology school and a lady I sat across form everyday was a beauty from India. She had jet black hair with the most exotic face and on that lovely face she had a red crystal the size of a speck on her nose! I loved it! I wanted one so bad! Nose piercings in our culture at that time were not popular you would see some of the punk or alternative groups with their nose pierced but usually with a hoop of some sort. I never forgot the dark beauty and her fleck of red sparkle on her nose. So again following my do as I please and what pleases me tribute to my 30's I got my nose pierced! I was working as a bartender in a bikini bar at the time and went straight to work after with no swelling or pain what so ever! At the time it simply felt like I was in high school playing volley ball and the damn ball popped me in the nose! You don't cry it just kinda shocks you! LOL! and you wipe away the single tear that is slowly making its way down your face! You shrug it off and don't think about it again! LOL! I love my nose ring and am so happy I did it! Most people don't even know I have a nose ring and always seem shocked when I tell them I have had it for years now! It just adds that perfect little sparkle!

I have a few more things on my list that I want to try, "just see" if I can do it! One is being a back up singer for a local band. No dreams of being the next American Idol! LOL! I don't have any training accept the fact that I wasn't half bad in high school! (yea, yea...that was a long time ago!)My best friend and I would sing with her dad's band at some of the local YeeHaw gatherings (I'm from Texas)I have seen some of the local bands here on the strip or local little bars that have groups where the girls are back up and dress very sexy and have little dance steps(looks like great fun) and every once in a while they would have a solo. That would be the greatest fun for me and I hope that one day I could pursue that! (Maybe voice lessons to strengthen my voice again) I dunno!!! How do you go about finding a band that needs a very outgoing girl that loves to perform to sing as back up for them? LOL!

Also I want to write a book(good start right here, hugh?) LOL! I have a passion for writing and I really enjoy creative writing! You should read some of the sexy steamy hot erotic stories I wrote and posted on my website! (oh yea I did that too...for three years...total blast!)But besides erotic writing I know I have a book inside me that can share in solving the worlds problems in some small way! LOL! Been working on that one for years now. Started in several directions but as I get older those directions don't seem half as tragic and important as I once thought. So it sways and rocks inside of me never letting me forget that it is there...maybe it is just waiting for my 40's! LOL!

Yada Yada Yada...bla bla bla!

Kisses all over your face!


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