Parties-go check one out!  

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8/19/2006 10:56 am
Parties-go check one out!

Hey! It's been awhile so I am just checking in and updating what has been going on with us!

I want to talk about some parties that we have gone to! And to encourage you guys to go to some yourself! Last winter we were invited to a suite party at the Mandalay Bay here in Vegas! It was a beautiful suite with about twenty couple's attending coming and going through out the night. The couple that hosted the party I had not met before, but we had written to one another off and on for about a year. So I felt confident going and meeting them. Plus the fact that my hubby was there and if it seemed weird in anyway, we could just walk out. I don't know if I would take a chance at a home party if I didn't know the people or if I didn't have friends that recommended it. But at a suite party there are enough public people to not feel threatened. Anyway, we had a nice time. It was cocktails and conversation. There were rooms that you could use and that were being used for sexy sexual encounters! The group was a good mix as far as age and most were very attractive. We all comb the profiles here on this site or others sites looking for the perfect couple or girl (or guy) by their pictures. But I think nothing is better than meeting people and first hand seeing their smiles, laughter and personalities! Not all people are photogenic and not all are good at editing the photos they do have! LOL! Anyway, we met a fabulous couple from Shanghai! He was from England, with a fabulous accent and she was American teaching over seas! Come to find out we were both going to the same New Years Eve party the following night! So we actually got to spend three fun filled days with this couple!

Just this summer, we went to another suite party hosted by an entirely different couple, rather two couple's. This party was so fun! It was a little more relaxed than the previous party I just told you about. The people were so outgoing and so fun! WooHoo! My kinda people! We went into the rooms and watched the sexy encounters and joined in for a bit of fun! LOL! We all laughed and joked and it was just the best time! We met couple's from other states but we also met a couple that lives here in Vegas, actually we are practically neighbors! They were people that we had seen their profile and even wrote. We just never had the opportunity to actually meet and had no idea that we lived a few blocks from one another! They are a sexy couple and we were attracted to them by seeing their pictures but their fun and outgoing personalities really sealed it for us! They had to leave early so we didn't have the chance to play, but we will!

We would have never met all the people that we did if it were not for these intimate small suite parties! We meet people all the time who are afraid to attend parties in fear of running into someone they know! If the two of you are there, than you obviously have something in common! Other people have voiced their concern that the parties may not be fun or you just never know what type of people will be there. That is all true, but if you take a chance, chances are you will have a great time! It's the perfect opportunity to have a group of like minded people in the same room as you! How great is that? Looking up profiles, writing people to see if there is an interest and then writing again to see if they will send face pics and then trying to set up an actual date night with everyone's hectic schedules! Then throw in a last minute OOPS! something came up! It can really be frustrating meeting couple's in this lifestyle on the internet! So try a party! Besides the suite parties or the home based-hosted parties, try local swinger's bars or clubs in your area. Here in Vegas is the LOVE estate party, the Couple's Oasis and the Mood Swing estate party. Only to name a few. I think just like anything in life they can be a hit or miss. I truly feel that you make what you want out of the night. One of the above places I mentioned, I wont say hubby and I went looking for fun one night! It was a slow night and not a lot of people or even people that we were interested in were there, but we sat at the bar and I shouted out..."Let's Do Shots!" Everyone was all for it and we all had a blast getting the bartender to make up the next exotic shot while we all got drunk off our asses! We did things like shots topless! Mild body shots! You know, fun with out leading any certain couple on! Then we blew kisses as we went out the door. Not all nights end up with that sexy "perfect" couple but going to parties opens new and exciting doors!

So quit sitting on your asses and make plans to go to a LIFESTYLE PARTY! Maybe I'll see you there!

Kisses all over your face!

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11/16/2008 11:50 am

That is fun...
They have some fun party's here in pensacola..
Get out and have fun...
I agree...

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