Boating on Lake Mead! WooHoo!  

rm_Tantalizeus 53M/48F
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5/8/2006 11:23 am

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2/25/2007 4:11 am

Boating on Lake Mead! WooHoo!

We love summer and the hot weather so that we can go out to the lake. We live in Vegas and Lake Mead is only 30-45 minutes away! We do go out year round, but we can't get enough in the summer! Last weekend was an epic weekend as far as weather goes. Mid 80's and clear skies! A little breezy but not windy! It is the perfect time to spend the night out there! In the dead of summer the heat makes it really hard to sleep at night! But I think this year we are going to get some type of air conditioning or swamp cooler! We do more day trips when it does get hotter. But those are fun too! We have three kids and they have grown up camping and being around the water. So we take them out often. But we do enjoy our adult weekends as well! We have had some really fun 'Lifestyle' parties out on the lake. When you have a bunch of swingers getting together on the lake inevitably there are a few 'vanilla' friends that show up or tag along and they just have to take it all in! Sometimes they see a little more than you were ready for them to! LOL! And then sometimes...When in Rome...Do as the Romans Do! LOL! We have seen that on occasion as well! If you are going out to Mead...let us know! We love making new friends!

Kisses all over your face!


rm_softcrimes 48M/44F

8/1/2006 6:27 pm

Hey Sheryl,

I have quit my 12-14 hour work schedule...graduating college next, can we still have the girls spa day? I will be back on the 7/14/06. John is back in SF for a while. I'm ready to play with just us girls.


rm_Tantalizeus 53M/48F
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8/19/2006 11:08 am

Hey Dana!

Sorry, I forget to check my blog postings after a while. Nice to hear from you! We can definitely do a spa day with just us girls! That would be fun! However, as far as "play" I only play when Lonny and I are playing with couple's. So girlie chit chat and spa days are cool, but everything else is done as couple's. Congrats on graduating! Way to go girl! You have my number, call me when you are in town and want to set up our spa date!


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