Going down the road.......  

rm_Tangerine03 51T
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7/22/2006 11:00 pm
Going down the road.......

Ok, so yesterdays post was a little melodramatic.....I agree. What do you expect writing at 3 am,...Shakespeare. Anyhow women by far get the widest choice of colors and styles in both clothing and shoes. Speaking of which, lets talk shoes, flats and sandals comfortable, cool, great for every day living. 5 inch platforms and heels not to bad to walk in after a little practice, balance is key and they make your legs look great by stretching your achilles and calves. A nice pair of fishnets and those and my legs are nearly world class.When its hot a tiny little fishnet tank top, short short jean skirt, plum colored lacy thong and black sandal flats makes for a very comfortable day and admiring looks from others. LOL, I wish, not ready toface the world as Tangi yet....still work to do ....somewhere further down the road....XOXO Tangi

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