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8/9/2006 8:32 pm

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Master Joe

Slutty Fuck Bimbo Whore Tammy,

Oh, I love the way you look, your beautiful face, your great hair, hot booty ass and great legs. I want you to be my big titted platinum blond woman. Your hair, highly teased and colored platinum blond. Your make up perfect, but heavy painted with whorey hot red enhanced bulbous lips. Bimbo red six inch nails that makes it impossible to do anything but suck cock and fuck. Every finger will be adorned with large rings and you hands will be adorn with fingerless gloves. Three sets of big rhinestone hoop earrings and 4" rhinestone choker with a "D Ring" frame my whore's make up face ... Ready for sucking. Through the "D Ring" is a rhinestone and red velvet leash with which I lead and exhibit you to the world.

I command that you dress in red velvet cheek shorts (like the slutty bimbo shorts you love) or 10 inch micro minis with a matching red velvet bra top that only covers the center of your slutty big tits. Your tits will be pierced to accept large dangling rhinestone earrings. To show off your bimbo piercing, each velvet bra top cup will be slit to allow the large rhinestone jewelry to dangle through the center of you bra. If you want I can arrange for you to have implants as large as you like.

You will always be in 8 inch stiletto fuck heels and adorned with 3 inch wide rhinestone ankle bracelets. In the winter you will wear very short white mink jackets lined in velvet. Otherwise you will wear velvet or leather biker jackets.

I will show you off to the world on a leash, rubbing and "feeling up" your bulbous tits, your bimbo booty and fuckous black fishnet covered legs. I will take you to the malls, clubs, casinos and other great places. Then I will command you to suck my cock and drink my come. My nasty tramp will be placed on a diet of come. My hot cock will fuck your slutty ass ... Ramming my bimbo slut into the wall. You will be fuck like the nasty whore you are. You will be shared with my friends and the world as my special slutty whore.


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