INXS - Devil Inside  

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2/7/2006 7:24 pm

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INXS - Devil Inside

...seems to be getting more air time lately.

It seems that as my confidence grows, other areas of my behavior are changing as well, and previously hidden facets are revealing themselves. If you know about D/s, you'll understand what I'm talking about. In case you don't, D/s stands for Dominance and submission, a lifestyle involving "power exchange", where one partner takes control of the other, so to speak. I'm not into the full-blown lifestyle, but I dabble in it behind closed doors, if you get my drift.

People are naturally inclined to one of three roles: dominant, submissive, or "switch", which is an ability to take on either role at will. As the sexual "conquerors", men in general tend to be more dominant, and as the sexual recipients, women tend to be more submissive, though there are lots of exceptions to the general rule. I refer to myself as a switch who's about 75% dominant, meaning that I like to be in control most of the time, but have no trouble giving it up to the right woman at the right time.

Anyway, ever since I changed my outlook and started thinking and acting more confidently, I've noticed that my dominant side has gotten considerably stronger and more, well, dominant. I've noticed that some women have responded to my change in attitude and played right into that facet of my personality, almost as though she was waiting for it to come out. It's also resulted in a rise in intensity level - it blows my mind how hot it can be to just let loose and "take" a woman like that. Wow. Not that I'm going to get into details of that here...

I'm guessing that I'm becoming more dominant because the increased confidence I display makes me appear more "manly", and triggers that behavior on a subconscious level. What do you think...?

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