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3/22/2006 1:19 pm

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Garbage - Stupid Girl

WARNING: This post contains a (verbal) attack on a female. If this sort of thing bothers or offends you, turn back now. You were warned at the beginning, so don't bitch about it later.

First off, let me say that this is somewhat out of character for me. I was raised to treat women with love and respect, and 99.44% of the time I do just that. However, with her behavior, this one falls into the 0.56% with whom anything goes.

I've called guys on their behavior toward women many times on this site, either in here or in the Philly/Tri-State chat room, saying half-jokingly how the rotten 98% ruin it for the rest of us. Well, the women aren't all innocent either, and it's high time I called them out on it too.

Here's the story: Last night, I'm poking around the chat room, rather bored, when a young woman (who shall remain nameless, except that her handle was law7181) came in looking for guys to chat on Yahoo with, giving out her IM name in the process. I figured what the hell, it's something to do, so I IMed her. That led to the following exchange:

tallpaguy73: hi there...getting bombarded by IMs yet?
her: yes
tallpaguy73: ah...that's what happens when a woman gives out her IM name in chat
her: do u have a pic
tallpaguy73: yeah...right there---------------------------------> (1)
her: not showing up
her: still white
tallpaguy73: ok...hold on (2&3)
tallpaguy73: did you see it? (3)
tallpaguy73: ah...a shallow one, huh? very well...good luck then

(1) The arrow was pointing to my display image, which is the same as my main profile pic here.
(2) At this point, I opened Photo Sharing and showed the same pic. It was up for maybe 5 seconds before she suddenly closed it.
(3) Pause of several minutes here.

Shortly after this "conversation", she resumed soliciting guys to chat with, so it's not like she got disconnected or anything. A few minutes after that, another guy complained in chat that she was ignoring him too, so I apologized for not telling him in advance that she was a shallow one. (If I remember correctly, his reply was something like "that's ok, she's kinda fat too" lol)

Now, I realize that this post may come off as whining, but that's not the point. I wasn't attracted to her or trying to get into her pants - after all, I had to be at work at 6 this morning, and she lives two hours away. The point is this: Guys take a lot of shit on this site for being shallow, and many of them deservedly so, but there are plenty of women here who are just as bad.

If you got this far, thanks for indulging me. Now (inhaling deeply) out with the negative energy, in with the positive, and on with the day...

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