Sextets, Chapter 1  

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Sextets, Chapter 1

"I can't believe it! I think she actually pulled it off!" Angela said to no one in particular. She continued to stare at the embossed envelope just delivered by courier. Angela had not even opened it yet. She knew whom it was from, and she definitely knew what it contained. Here she was, Angela Thompson, V.P of Operations ACME Corp., feeling more like a naughty schoolgirl with a dirty magazine

"I see you have received yours too!" Beverly Jones said as she stepped into Angela's office, closing the door behind her. "Haven't you opened it yet, Angie? You really should. This one looks to be kinky!" Beverly was just as vivacious as she was in college. But then again, all six of them were pretty outgoing women.

Startled back to reality, Angela looked across the large desk at her friend and manager of advertising. "Sorry Bev, I was still getting over the fact that Francesca actually set it up. She hinted about it last month, but I thought she was fooling with us."

"Well, you better open it and read it. We only have until Friday to get ready. Knowing you it will take that long just to pack for the weekend!" Beverly giggled, having seen her friend's meticulous packing methods many times.

"And I take it that you are going to stand here while I read it?" Angela asked.

"You bet! I want to see your reactions. I nearly dropped my drawers when I read mine." The double entendre got a chuckle from both of them.

They had formed 'The Sextets' their first year at college, six very active and open dorm mates who did everything together. Everything! After college they decided to keep the bond by having a special 'Girl's Night' outing once a month. Sometimes they would include their husbands, boyfriends or significant others. Other times it was just for the women. The outings were always of a sexual nature. They would do the outings round robin style, each taking a turn hosting the monthly outing. This month Francesca had the honor.

Angie cut open the envelope with the ornate letter opener from her desk. Her slender fingers removed the jet-black card from within. There were no words on the cover; just their telltale symbol embossed in gold. Six feminine symbols linked in a circle. Angie turned to the windows of her corner office as she opened the card and read:

Have you been bad? Do you deserve a spanking? Are you prepared to receive your due? Be ready to "submit" yourself and "bare" all.

This month's outing will be at the Hotel International. Rooms are already reserved; please pick up your room keys at the front desk. Dinner Friday will be at 6:30 sharp in the banquet room. Entertainment will be at 8 O'clock in the penthouse suite. Please dress in 'accessible' evening attire. Tardiness to be dealt with appropriately.

Your Host, Fran

Angie felt herself tingling with anticipation as she envisioned what was to come, forgetting that she was not alone. She squirmed in her leather chair, as it suddenly became uncomfortable to sit. Her thighs rubbed as her pantyhose seemed to be suddenly constricting around her hips.

"I see that you had the same reactions I had." Beverly said mischievously after a moment.

"And knowing Fran, we will have a lot of difficulty sitting this weekend." Angie teased back.

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