The getting to know you part.... a story from me...  

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The getting to know you part.... a story from me...

He walked into the room and from where he stood, the view was marvelous. He saw
legs first, as she was pulling up the thigh high stockings. Then the top half of
came into view ... with her leaning forward he saw lots of thick strawberry
blonde hair, and breasts ... breasts that stage a coup, every once in a while
for freedom.
She stood up and he saw why her breasts, were fighting for a liberation of
She had on a corset. The corset was burgundy and black, and she was pulling the
strings tighter, as she glanced up and saw him. her eyes were wide and inviting.

" Baby could you help me, I need you," it was not a whine or the voice of a
petulant child, but the rich melodious voice of a siren, who could lure him to
his death. He moved towards her. She put her hands on the vanity table and
looked into the mirror,
and into his eyes. He pulled the stays tighter, and heard her release her
She looked at him through the mirror, and he took his fingers and stroked them
across her creamy breasts. She shuddered and moaned. She had to take shallow
breaths, to actually be able to breath in the corset, he noticed. He also
she was without panties, and was very wet. He pressed her down towards the
vanity, and looked at her in the mirror. Her color was high, and her aureolas
could be seen peeking out of the corset. He slid a finger inside of her, and
noticed as she took the quick and shallow breaths she had to, to breathe her
pussy tightened with each one.
He began to stroke her, and she gushed onto his waiting fingers.
He held her against him, her mouth was by his ear, and he could hear her little
gasps, and it turned him on even more. They made their way to the bed.
She lay on her back, her hair fanned out around her, her lips moist, and her
full of color, she looked up at him from beneath her lashes, and put a hand
across the front of her corset, and he placed his head on her breasts, to
listen to the rapid beating of her heart. his fingers slid inside her once more
and found her to be gushing even more. her half moans excited him, her tiny
breaths in his ear had him undone. He loosened his pants and embedded his cock
deep inside her and stopped so he could feel the little jerks of her pussy. Her
legs were on his shoulders, and he lay his cheek on her silky encased thighs,
and began to move slowly, to savor the feel of her. She cried out, trying to
take a deeper breath, and he was rewarded with
a heavy tug on his cock. He picked up the pace and could feel the little jerks,
tighten even more...he matched his pace with her shallow breaths and he grabbed
her hair, pushing her deeper, trying to establish some kind of hold, and he
thrust inside her
with more fury, and came, as she came hard and deep, clinching him with her
pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she was out... He began to unsnap
her corset so her body could relax and held her close, she came to a little
while later
and smiled at him. he smiled back kissing her lips. They would need a few more
of those corsets, he thought.

O.k. now that I have your attention...HI!
I love to write, I love to write about me and sex.
What I love to do or have done to me. Quite eloquent I am with quill and ink.

I want to thank everyone personally for thier interest in me. I will be posting a few photo's so you see what your in for. My friends call me amazon because I wear big shoes and on top of my hieght I tower over most TALL men.

I see my husband told you about our precious baby...well now you know why we won't be running out jumping in bed right this second...I need to get in pre baby shape...and will soon enough for fun to be had by all.

I will be talking to each and everyone of you very soon myself to see who I click with.

I will say if your in a committed relationship or married, I probably will NOT respond.

There is a sense of decency code I follow...I do not piss on someone else's property. It's rude,
and shows a lack of respect.

See you soon

The amazon

rm_realsatyre 56M

12/20/2005 6:55 pm

thank you for your frankness, both of you, you are obouisly worth the wait, so i'll say hi now and again[and through in a few extras now and agian] and we'll see what clicks. because opertunities like youse guys are few and far between!

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