The Headmaster...  

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The Headmaster...

This story was written a few years ago for a friend...hope you enjoy

THE HEAD MASTER______________

It was past midnight, and the heat in the dormitory was stifling,
so she arose and pulled her loosened hair back with a pale peach ribbon.
She tiptoed down the darkened hall way, gazing at the paintings of
the Academe Les Angels illustrious headmasters,
till she came to one painting in particular, the most recent addition ...
the painting could never capture the way his eyes looked into your soul,
or the richness of his hair and the stern square of his chin.
she sat at her desk thrice weekly
as he lectured on the likes of Aristotle and Plato, in his philosophy class.
She along with most of this all girl academe fantasized about receiving his
chaste kisses.
The sound of a throat being cleared startled her and made her drop her candle,
leaving her in darkness. She could not see him, but felt his
breath on her neck and she shivered in delight.

"Come with me," he spoke in her
She tried to speak but found her tongue ill equipped for the task.
She felt his hand take her elbow and guide her through the
Academe to his private rooms and study.
Lots of candles were lit in the study
and she noticed a book laying on the chair he motioned for her to sit in.
The title was "The story of O"
She blushed when she saw it was from the library and the last person to
check it out,
had been her.
She stammered an apology and he placed his finger over her lips
and rubbed it across her cupids bow
and said, "Speak when directly asked."
She bowed her head her cheeks enflamed.
Jonathan, watched the young woman her gleaming strawberry blonde hair,
tied up in it's ribbon and her ridiculously modest high necked cotton gown,
yet so sheer he could see her nipples
and when she stood as he asked he could see her matching nether curls.
He watched her all semester, and found her to be the perfect Novice into S&M.
He even had had her paddled on some minor infraction to see how she held up,
and had actually gotten hard as he saw her lips part and her brow sweat as she
looked to be enjoying her self immensely.
Tonight they would begin their sacrosanct work.
she stood as he asked trembling in fear and excitement.
"Take off that ridiculous gown Kimberly," and she did stepping out of it.
She instinctively covered her full breasts and he came up behind her and tsked,
"We cannot have you covering up your charms young lady," he said,
as he removed her ribbon and placed her hands behind her back and tied them
"This is to keep you from your modesty and prudence my dear."
He led her to his desk and retrieved an eye mask that he placed over her
and led her into a room she could not determine.
She felt his hands across her nipple and gasped as he pinched them...
it took her by suprise and she was even more so as she became wet between
the legs.
He turned her around and told her to bend over the horse.
and she laid her stomach across the velvet of the hobby horse,
as he spread her legs. The blood rushed to her forehead and she felt faint
but the moment his tongue touched her femininity she screamed.
He smiled to himself as he placed a ball gag in her mouth
to keep her from waking others...later he would teach her quiet ways to control
the pleasure.
He filled himself with her sweet musky honeyed liquid until he was sure
she passed out and he smiled as he lifted her in his arms....
He would begin in a few minutes,
but until then he would hold her gently till she came to.
He would teach her every way to please a man,
to tell between ejaculation and orgasm, he would take her virginity of course,
and she would ask for him to ... so he waited....

She awoke to find herself in his arms and the ball gag still in her mouth.
She felt so alive! He led her over to an X beam and shackled her legs and arms,
her back was to him, and she pressed her face into the wood.
He came to stand in front of her and she smiled.
She watched him disrobe and turn to a wall with many accoutrements,
and her eyes widened at his choices...An ostrich plume,
5 silver finger claws, a riding crop and "old faithful"
the school paddle with quarter size holes drilled in for raising welts.
She felt the large feather as it slowly slid up and down her naked buttocks
and they quivered as she moaned.
She was blessed to be chosen, she thought.

Next came the claws and she wiggled as they scored her back
and scratched at itches deeper than her skin.

She felt the paddle as it came down squarely on her backside.
She heard the whistle it made and lost count as he alternated each cheek.
Tears streamed down, and she felt her body become like flame as he continued.
She almost missed the subtle difference of the riding crop until he brought
it squarely across her shoulder blades.
She almost passed out, but not quite.
He murmured many compliments to her as her body settled down from the exquisite
He reached for a candle stick and before she knew what was happening,

she felt the bright sting of wax across her swollen welts on her buttocks and
she screamed...
He unshackled her, only to turn her facing him. He looked at her beautiful
and he began to drip tiny beads of wax across each nipple.
Her eyes were ablaze with anger, desire and pain, and he was excited.
He peeled the wax with his teeth,
scraping each nipple and wetting it with his saliva,
and she began to moan and grind herself towards him.
He released her and brought her into his arms, carrying her towards the bath.
He stood her up, and
made her hold onto the rail as he scrubbed her down
and the coarse hand mitt made her cry some more.

He finally toweled her off and carried her like an invalid into his bed.
He removed the ball gag which had made her lips swell and he began to kiss her.
She responded in force with her tongue and mouth.
He rubbed her down with soothing emollients and she began to sigh.
She felt like a Courtesan for a King and he smiled as she purred.
He spoke to her of beautiful places he had been,
and she was caught up in his voice. She realized he had
his fingers inside her pushing and twisting her pulling out her moisture.
He made her taste it,
and her eyes became blue pools of shock at how exquisite she tasted.
She greedily licked his fingers.
He turned her over onto her stomach and put his face on the heated welts of her
and blew on each on as he plundered her from within.
She never even knew when he replaced his hand with his penis,
until he pounded into her and his hand covered her mouth,
yet she only moaned in pure pleasure as he rode her from behind,
and he showed her how to tighten certain muscles to bring
stronger sensation and just as she was about to explode,
he pulled
out of her and turned her over, commanding she open her mouth,
and as he came in her mouth and lips,
she instinctively sucked him dry and his orgasm multiplied.
They passed out for a while,
tangled together till he awoke to the approaching dawn and guided her,
clothing and all back to her suite of rooms.

rm_monkey_rogue 40M

12/19/2005 5:10 pm

Yeah, you have a dark side, no doubt about it. Though I like it, so that works out.

rm_TabascoX 51M/49F
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12/19/2005 8:02 pm

I am glad you like it...sometimes it's good to explore every facet of your being.

What are some other things you like?

rm_monkey_rogue 40M

12/19/2005 8:25 pm

I actually find writing to be cathartic. I usually use it to exercise my own demons. I'm not an erotica writer, but I do read one on occasion. And I've been spending an inordinate amount of time around your blog because of them.

Actually, I just love women. All kinds of them. The way they smell, the way they look, the way all the senses can blur into one huge mess in your head because the right one walks through a door.

So just keep up the good work, I'm sure I'll stroll in here from time to time

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