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My signature story...

This is a little dark...

House of 1, 000 pleasures

I had heard about it through the night club grapevine. It took a few hours of sleep in my stale cigarette laden jeans, before the directions clicked into my brain to remind me of last nights conversation. I closed my eyes to bring her into view. She stood
5 ft 2, maybe, tiny boned, pale skin with Asian features and deep black eyes. Quite a difference to my 6 ft frame, hips, breasts and
pale skin with smattering of freckles, gray eyes and a generous mouth. In a wicked city filled with gutter punks on zombie crank
and neon from every window advertising nude, naked, live-sex acts, she males, a person, especially a local could be come quite jaded. Not me, I craved more.

"The house of 1,000 pleasures" she whispered in my ear.
"Sounds like a whore house " I said aloud.
She shook her long glossy black hair at me and spat vehemently at me, " No it's for the pleasure only, not for profit ... it moves
so remember the address."
I rolled my eyes... a little too much intrigue for me.
I smiled at her and got up from the table shaking my head.
She reached over and touched my hand with hers and suddenly
I felt a languorous warmth seep up my arms and a hint of her Jasmine
crept into my nostrils as her lips briefly touched mine.
When I felt myself began to nod off as a junkie does, I snapped my eyes open with much ado and she was gone.
I looked down at my trembling hand and saw the bar napkin with the words midnight and sharp, scribbled across.
Then I began to drink in earnest and blotted out the conversation.
I spent the day trying not to forget the directions and climbing
through the many clothes I had, should I go demure,head banger girl
(I pulled out my old baby blue kiss army T-shirt), leather, pleather, vinyl, lace? Heels, boots, keds? it was a lot of work trying to decide. The sun had set hours before and I was still in the closet so to speak. I finally decided on the low cut pleather pants that clung tightly with the zippers up the side and the black glitter thong that rode up and peek- a- booed above the line of pleather. also, a little triangle of black glitter material held together by 4 silver strings, and when tied together produced a sort of non -- shirt. My recently cut hair, flopped over one eye and I slid my 6 inch platform boots on and went on down to shim sham. Nickel pabst night and 1.50 later, and I almost had forgotten my midnight rendezvous. I slid off the bar stool and walked out onto Toulouse past the bath house and looked at the pregnant blue moon as it appeared to be just touching the top of the St. Louis cathedral. it was a Pisces moon which meant lots of lunacy tonight, which was just fine by me.
I walked further away from the quarter into the old red -- light district and spied the place. I was amazed to find not a single car in the area in front or behind the old house. Bits of memories of the house and what it was before and I shuddered, a funeral home ... dingy and peeling paint almost made me turn around and leave, until she opened the door, quite a contrast to the outside, behind her the walls glazed with neon lights and the heavy thud of hard dance music and tons of people. I glanced at the house's exterior, and looked once more past the girls and
shrugged. I almost stopped at the threshold remembering something chicken man had told me when I was 14, "listen petite
you mus remember, you never pay de Ferryman, les you on the other side already." I went for my wallet and she shook her head,
Pulling me inside. "Later, you pay later ... come let me show you the house," couples in various states of undress, were everywhere. You could touch, watch, join, or not.
" Come upstairs, you must see the pleasure."
"Sure Mia," I said, her name rolling off my tongue...I hadn't recalled her telling me her name last night.

The room was the largest bedroom I had ever seen, done in red and black lacquer with dragons ... or was it demons on each door entrance. The incense was wicked powerful and it crept into my every pore. My eyes grew accustomed to the darkness and as I glanced couples began to morph into demons, a male demon red skinned, black claw-like nails came all over a dark haired beauty
as he came, his cum was like liquid fire and it scorched her bare breasts. I blinked several times and saw Mia leading me to a
black swing, made of twisted rubber. Three steps up a marble platform and she knelt before me, removing my clothes, it seemed
a thousand hands and eyes skimmed across my body.

It felt as if I'd dropped acid or something, my skin felt like one giant orgasm.
I was nude save my boots. My body's only jewelry was the tongue
barbell and hood ornament and nipple ring I wore.
Mia looked up at me and yet I could not get a clear image of her face, it kept rocking back and forth between the face I knew and some sort of demoness.
"And now little one," she said looking at me from purely black eyes and patting my pussy with her nails, "this is your house of 1,000 pleasures, in which we all shall delight." I sighed and gave into the liquid feeling in my bones and as i looked down once more her tongue forked across my clit, separating and entwining it. the room hissed and as i gasped aloud in pleasure, i was lifted mid air by red arms and placed in the swing, and as the clasps, dug deep into my flesh,
i felt a rending in the space between the particles and molecules
and at once my body was filled, every opening and orifice filled
and overflowing with what, I knew not, but it felt good.
Filled with 1,000 fingers and hands and cocks all manipulating me into an overload ... and as I came over and over and my eyes blinded by the flaming cum that poured down my throat, tears licked away by unseen tongues, i cried wishing I'd never wanted
anything else. maybe in a thousand years, Mia would find another gullible soul and as she whispered the words in their ear "come to the house of a thousand pleasures," I might be freed..yet somehow I think I had paid the ferryman before I crossed to the other side...

rm_monkey_rogue 40M

12/17/2005 5:10 am

Yeah that one, a bit dark. Kind of a Hellraiser feel to it.

rm_TabascoX 51M/49F
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12/18/2005 3:48 pm

I agree a bit dark...but it goes along with my seven deadlies story.

I've been writing for awhile and have enjoyed it.

In between my erotica I am writing a children's book...I know, I know

Strange. So have you been involved in a threesome?

Tell me a little about yourself...

rm_monkey_rogue 40M

12/19/2005 5:14 pm

Not altogether that strange really.

Tell you what, catch me AdultFriendFinder's goofy IM service, no ConfirmID right now. , and I'll yak your ears off.

rm_TabascoX 51M/49F
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12/19/2005 8:08 pm

I just got in from Dinner and the hub wants to post a few...when will you be on this IM thingy?

I guess I have to download it right?

rm_monkey_rogue 40M

12/19/2005 8:21 pm

No no, it's built into AdultFriendFinder, on the main page, just go in and on the right side, you'll see Launch Instant Messenger.

It'll pop up a screen that will allow you to use the HTML IM software, just a java applet. Or you can download the standalone, but since it's not needed, I won't recommend it. But if you like, you can go that route too.

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