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Hope you like this...



She was a stripper, she worked and lived on Burbon Street. He knew this, because he was her neighbor and he started watching her at night thru his window. The first time he saw her she was moving in into the old apartment next door beside his old renovated cathedral. He could see her from his old attic she moved in her meager possessions and as he moved closer to look at her features thru the stained glass he held his breath, as she looked up and almost caught him. She was on the tall side and her hair was a beautiful strawberry blonde...altho he could not see he imagined her eyes to be a grayish blue...her pale painted lips luscious and her cupids bow deep enough he envisioned rubbing his tongue around in it... he stepped back from the window and mentally slapped himself for being a Preevert as the old lady at the A&P had called him once when he helped her with her groceries once and his hand rubbed against her breast. ... Well almost 5 months later he was still watching her oddly feeling like Quasimodo to her Esmarelda. Not that he was ugly, just shy and recluse a bit. He stood over 6 ft and had shoulder length black hair and eyes the color of golden wheat after a rainfall. He was an artist and enjoyed being alone but lately he longed for someone to love and felt happiest living vicariously thru this woman. Even now, he was walking behind her as she walked to the strip club Silver Frolics. She was tenacious ;and could hold her own, he would give her that, he'd seen her knee a guy in the nuts as well as break a finger of more than one of her persistent admirer's. They usually got sullen and called her a whore which she ignored as if they were gnats buzzing about her. Normally he walked back home and would come back in 6 hours when she got off and would follow her home, but he craved another glimpse of her body...an image grafted into his brain as he saw her from his seat by his window as she sat by her clawed foot tub naked with a towel about her body, and as she reached up to pin her gilded red curls she lost her towel and oh the glory of what he saw. Her skin the fairest of egg shell white with tiny flecks of freckles and she turned he caught a glimpse of generous breast the color of pale pink ... ...As, he stood outside the threshold of bar he braced himself and paid his crisp clean 5 dollars and stepped inside. He saw her by the juke box paying her money to play music and a woman with dark hair stepped in front of him blocking his view and took his arm and drug him to the front of the stage, where he was flanked by 4 elderly men clutching grimy ones with sweaty palms. He balked like a horse at the gate of a race, but the women held on firmly and all but shoved him in the chair. She asked him what his poison was and he was tempted to point at the obj' d'arte of his dreams, but ordered a local potent liquor called Chartreuse remnisent of Absinthe. Suddenly the dj was announcing her name and the slow pulse of Silver chairs Abuse me more I like it came on and for a heartbeat it seemed as if all the clinks of glasses and the whispers of the depraved were swallowed up in her light, One so bright it blinded and he caught himself before his hand shielded his eyes. He watched her dance and found her moves to flow like water...Her nakedness drew her out of her self and only enhanced her innocence and in looking around he saw the old men ready to devour her, soul and all. He felt himself get hard, and was at once ashamed... In his ears he could hear the pounding like a million drums of the men in the club moving to the beat of their palms... a cadence of thick swollen cocks and discreet tissues and well placed coughs made him smile. He could do nothing but watch as she crawled toward him and he saw in her eyes she knew of his predicament and she smiled....She stood up and crouched in front of him, her legs spread and he heard the tinkle a bell and looked down and saw her clitoral hood was pierced and as she rubbed her self the tiny bell attached rang softly and sweetly, as sweet as the potent smell of her cum. He fled out of the bar choking a groan and ran> as if he were Daniel Webster and the Devil was on his heels. He ran down St. Louis to a secluded courtyard and opened himself up just so, as he could touch himself and was surprised to find he was rock hard. He licked his palm several times to moisten it and was cursing himself mentally for not having any ky jelly and attacked his cock with one hand quickly pumping himself up and over the head...twist back and forth as he simultaneously fondled his balls quickening the pace until he shot out thick spurts into the air and in his hand biting off a cry so hard he bit his lip tasteing his blood. Later as he waited for her to come home, he almost cried aloud as he saw her leading a man up into her sanctuary. His tears fell, but he could not look away at the man undressed her before the window and in one swift move entered her from behind, one hand on her back and one around as he toyed with her clit...she writhed and screamed...and as she came, he nearly fell out of his chair as he could have sworn her eyes met his. Later after the man had left and he had dozed he saw her pace around and smoke a cigarette until the sky had filled with the lonely tears of God crying out a melody against his stained glass...She ran excitedly out the back door nude reveling in the rain as it caressed her body and face. He almost screamed in frustration as he found himself ripping his clothes on his face eager to join her midnight rain dance to the gods. And, as he looked out the rose color of the stained glass he could see her no longer, knowing she went inside, and all he would have left were his dreams tonight. Suddenly, his door opened and she stood there before him and as his ears rang with shock she asked him if he would come play in the rain with her..Hi, my name is Angelica, and I've been watching you for months now, and wonder if you would love me on this side of the stained glass Connor.

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Your erotica fits you well … unspoken beauty, alluring, and captivating

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Oh thank you so very much...

(blushing) I am Glad to put up my stories, and I love to write when I am aroused by a person or idea or dream or even a situation I've been in personally

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12/19/2005 8:05 pm

well I hope to read many more of your stories and learn more of your desires .....

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