First of the seven deadlies stories....  

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First of the seven deadlies stories....

This is the first of seven stories
These stories like all my stories are
and are not to be used in any manner in
which I give permission


They are dark...sinful...and speak of things not spoken...

[size7] LUST

the hotel lobby was quiet in the early evening hours as I walked toward the room. I stepped on the elevators and pressed 8. I lit a cigarette bemoaning the fact I had smoked my last cigar, ignoring the no smoking signs. I smoothed down the black suit with it's long jacket and looked at my reflection in the beveled glass. large eyes, tinted blue green from my make up choice. Strawberry blonde hair making it's way to my shoulders and a cross with cuts of Austrian crystal. I bent down a little and checked my boots, black vinyl. 6 inch heels, which topped me off at 6 ft 5. Amazon...yes. I had gotten many comments on my height, mostly negative or if positive, infused with sexual innuendo, not even a turn on. For as tall as I was, my body was perfectly shaped for it. Big breasted. Curvaceous, like a hentai character. I stomped on the cigarette as the doors opened and I stepped out, and turned left. 816 was the magic number and as I knocked once the door opened unlocked for me. I heard the sink running and made my way to a nice over sized chair. "Sweetie is that you"? her voice, light and sing- songy called out. I answered "yes," in my liquid smoke and fire voice. She came out wearing a beautiful red dress with spaghetti straps and baby doll pumps. Yet even in such clothing she looked innocent. "come here" I smiled gently, the firm tone in my voice expected nothing less however, than her complete obedience. She walked over quietly and stood before me. "I think something ultra feminine would suit" i said, Plaid skirt, white crop shirt and anklets and babydoll pumps, and a red ribbon." She turned around and went to change and I stopped her with three words, "change in here'". She picked up her change of clothes from the dresser. As if she had already anticipated my desire for the clothing, and her desire to please me. She slipped the tight red dress down to reveal fawn colored nipples, and bent so her small perfect breasts rubbed against her knees, removing the dress. She stood up a bit awkwardly wanting to cover up, and I made a little moue with my lips to discourage it. She stood, her dark hair shook around her breasts and her flat belly clinched gently. I swirled the turkey and splash of seven around in my tumbler as I began to reach for the pack of discarded menthols. She came forward without thought and knelt by my legs reaching for the cigarettes and lighter, her pert breasts pressing into my thighs. I bit back a moan as my pupils dilated and she lit my cigarette. I took her wrist and placed a gentle kiss across the inside. she sighed and relaxed, as the tension eased from her body. "Good gurl," i smiled, as she looked up. "Now finish" i said. She stood up and removed the red thong quickly replacing them with white panties. I smiled at this ... knowing later she would remove them slowly for me. Tying the white Peter pan colored top, across her midriff, she bent over and slid the red and yellow and black mini school skirt over her tiny waist. She removed the baby dolls to slide anklets up each foot, and the pure unconscious act made me wet. I crossed my legs, as she stood up and I watched her gather up the sides of her long silky tresses, and attach a tiny perfect bow. She stood up looking expectantly at me, for some sign of approval and I smiled, motioning her over to me. She moved quickly and I pulled her into my lap. "Give us a kiss sweetheart," i whispered. And she did ... gentle, her lips slanted across mine, tasting of grape bubble gum and wide eyed promise, I deepened it, slightly as I took a handful of her hair she parted her lips sighing gently and as she licked the bourbon soaked smoky flavor of me I felt her hips lift, and I smiled and licked the corner of her mouth, and set her on her shaking legs. "Time for dinner petite" i smiled and I took her hand and led her from the room. We walked into the elevator, and as the doors slid open again allowing for several excited frat boys she moved in close. My arm gathered her to me, as the frat boys whistled. One reached out speaking words like "lesbians" and "Fuck," i grabbed his ring finger and twisted backwards, snapping it, as the doors slid open and he howled. I ushered her out of the elevator and through the lobby, the scent of the quarter, came up to meet us. We made it to "Yo Mamas" and sat at a table and I allowed her to order us dinner. Todd smiled at me kissing my cheek as he brought us drinks. Dinner was quiet as she concentrated on her salad, stopping only to light my cigarettes. We watched as tours poured in touting "vampires" and "Ghost," and as the guides came up to smile at me and have a word, looking at her expectantly and back at me for an introduction, none came... So after 2 hours, we stood up and left. I took her hand gently in mine and walked her through Bourbon, and down Toulouse toward Shim Sham. I went to flash my card, and Ronin was at the door, his lilting Irish accent, charmed my ears. We walked in and he winked at me on sight of my Petite. I smiled back, and went to the bar spying Laura. Her eyes sparkled as I came up and poured me a drink. I reached over and kissed her deeply and I could feel the little one's jealousy. I pulled away and smiled ... amused. " Kiss Laura and say hello," i said, as her eyes grew round. She complied, and Laura pressed in. I broke the kiss with my hand and paid Laura with a wink. We walked through the back doors and the music was loud. I ushered us to a table amongst friends, Vincent, Mary, and others. "hail eris" Vincent said in way of greeting as we kissed cheeks. I hugged Mary tightly. I introduced My Petite to the group and they smiled. The strains of something darkly erotic, 80's filled my ears, and I looked to conner and he smiled. "Let's dance" i said more as a command than a comment. We pressed past people as we centered the floor. She began to move against me, looking up her hands wanting to touch. I nodded my approval and she smiled. Her hands skimmed my thighs, hips, chest and face. I pressed her tight, placing one hand on her back, I dipped her backwards and her leg locked around my waist and she moved her hips in a mating ritual as my other hand went under her blouse and moved across her breasts. I pinched a nipple slightly as she gasped. We stayed an hour in the club, before making our way in a large group toward the Dungeon. She stopped as she saw the spank tank by the door, as she shivered against me. I laughed and pulled her forward. Sunglasses Mike let us in, stopping to hug and kiss me. We tromped up the stairs as she took in the hammer house of Horror scenery. The music blasted past us as we reached the smaller bars upstairs. thick, dark, heavy music. She followed me to the right side, as I planted myself in a chair against the wall. Vincent and Mary bought rolling rocks as I ordered Turkey for me and a shot for petite. " das Vedania" i said as Manson came on. "Dance for me" i said, and she moved towards the floor. She was rhythmically smooth and as she moved her eyes never left my face. Vincent lit my cigarette, helping himself, he smiled. "Kim," he asked bending over, " she's adorable, but I never knew you were a lesbian," i laughed keeping my eyes on her. "I'm not gay" i smiled, " I'm a Pisces." He grinned ... and I spoke some more. " I enjoy pleasure in all forms" i paused, " Like an artist who dabbles in watercolors, oils and sculpture... i don't limit myself to one style. he nodded. " i hate being pigeonholed" i sighed... " I just lust" " My favorite of the seven deadly". he laughed and like a couple of old men lusting after under age hotties, we watched the girls dance. The bar, our sanctuary, became filled literally within five minutes with drunken tourists and horny frat boys, who began to encircle our girls like the wolf to little red riding hood. I stood up anticipating a big fight, as I felt Vincent bristle. " watch" i said, as a boy slid in close to Mary and petite. Mary pushed him back, pulling my sweet closer, and as she did, my little one looked to me for approval, and I nodded. They kissed, slow and languorously, licking and touching. Vincent cracked a smile again as the boys whistled and moved off to find other girls a little more willing. "It's time to go" i called, and petite was once more at my side, her lips full, from her thorough assault. I brought her close to me and kissed Mary's memory from her lips. I pulled her from the club, briefly talking to chicky and a few old friends. Fog had gently drifted down between the tight buildings and she sighed, with a shiver. I removed my coat wearing I lace corset underneath, we made our way to frolics and entered the darkened club as a million men, looked up, distracted. The front door girl moved us to a dark table in a corner, close enough to the stage. The thick -- legged stripper moved off the stage, as a tiny thin slip of a girl with tattoo's took her place. Dark cropped hair, and a multitude of eyeliner made her older than her years. I watched my petite as she watched the girl move to the pole. She sat fascinated for thirty minutes, neglecting her drink. I lit a cigarette, and handed her a five. I whispered in her ear, " If you appreciate her, pay her." Petite moved on shaky legs to the girl and as the girl spread her legs, petite hesitated looking back at me, I flicked my hand, motioning for her to move up closer, and as she did, the girl moved to her knees and accepted the money in her mouth taking my petite's hands and running them across her breasts. Petite blushed and hurried back to me. " See," i said "she didn't bite, did she" petite shook her head in agreement. I motioned the girl over, and she came off the stage and rattled off her rates. I paid her and leaned back as she moved toward me, I shook my head, and pointed to my little one. The girl smiled as petite's eyes grew wide. The girl straddled petite, placing her hands on the back of the dirty peach colored chair, and began to move her hips in time with the music. Petite looked at me once and I said, " Close your eyes darling, and enjoy it." 15 minutes later petite exploded reaching for the girl as she slid off, moving for other customers, and I pulled petite back onto the sidewalk. The walk to the hotel was quiet and I felt little tremors roll off her body. The ride up to the room left her gasping for breath as I robbed her of it, in one swift kiss. She opened the door, and we walked in. the door closed behind us, and she had an attack of the shy once again. I moved toward the turkey pouring out a measure, and lit a cigarette. Moving toward the chair, I sat down. " On your knees petite" i said. She knelt down her head touching the carpet, her derriere beautiful globes sheathed in white cotton sticking up. I spoke quietly, " come here and kiss my boots." She crawled, keeping her head down, and began to kiss and lave my boots. i felt her back and slid my hands to her beautiful ass and caressed her, stopping as she moaned, enjoying the sound. i lightly pinched her and she came up off the carpet, and i pressed her head back. i began a series of fluttery slaps, until i felt her backside heat up. " take off your panties for me" i commanded. She slid the wet item off, quickly, kicking away from her. i stood up, and walked around her and saw her pussy, was slick and wet and shaved. i smiled, knowing she went through the trouble. i crouched back on my heels, my legs slightly open and passed my nose slightly above her pulsing pink cat, and sniffed, enjoying her fragrance. thoroughly cleansed, and smelling of cherries, Placed a finger gently inside, and felt her intake of breath, and pulled out as she sighed. I placed my finger in her mouth and she was ravenous. sucking her self from me. I pulled away as she reached and placed my fingers in my mouth. Tasting warm summer days and childhood dreams. I walked before her, Whispering, "good girl" as she whimpered. Now come here and undress me, and she did, kissing each bare inch of flesh as it was revealed. Discarding my pants, I shook my head as tried to remove my top. I stood in my lace black panties, and black lace corset, the vinyl boots laced up my legs. I let her move against me and put my fingers through her hair. I motioned her toward the bed, telling her to remove her skirt and top, leaving her in anklets and babydoll pumps. She knelt on all fours for me at my hands skimmed across her blemish free skin. i began to touch her, manipulate her and break her ... spanking her pussy with my hand, applying pressure and my other hand soothed her and tortured her insides. i skimmed my finger around the inside of her pussy like a clock, and as I rubbed that finger inside, I flicked her clit with other finger and thumb, as her spankings splattered across her backside, and breasts, the finger rubbed and flicked, i felt tremors, ebb over her like the skin of a cat moves as you pet. She moaned ... she cried and rubbed her dry lips together. I had brought many a woman to vaginal and clitoral orgasm as the dungeon mistress, many passing out in the chains, held up by the shackles, and slumped over deeply in sated slumber, and had them removed to lay across the cool bench as another walked in. Whispered words of "when you've had enough say blue loudly." As well as, "Close your eyes and let go, I will catch you and make you feel good ... real good." I've brought hard-core homosexual men to orgasm, when they thought a woman would never do, I showed them, it was not the gender, it was the giving into absolute pleasure they desired. I looked down as I felt the tiny clinches around my finger grow, into snapping and gripping like a hungry child, at it's mothers breast. I replaced my finger with my mouth, letting the barbell twirl in lazy figure eight's, she jerked as my hand pulled her cunt toward my face, and I felt, rather than saw her eyes fall back into her head, and i spoke removing my mouth from her. "lust pure and simple, who do you serve, ma petite fille?" she cried out, " you"! and, placed my mouth back on her, drinking deeply of her as I felt her cum into my mouth, i knew she was out ... caught up in the arms of Morpheus, bathed in the sweat of lust, she slept. I lit a cigarette, licking my lips of her and reached for my glass, knowing I had a few hours to kill, before she would arise, renewed, reveling in her power as a woman, and ensnared in mine. Two minutes later he moved silently into the room, clad in black, and stood before me and said, " Well done gurl." I bowed my head in a smile, knowing not only had I pleased her, I had pleased him even more.

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12/31/2005 12:19 am

well done. But some formatting wouldn't kill you. Cause it's killing these rapidly degrading eyes.

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Formatting I don't need no stinkin'

rm_monkey_rogue 40M

12/31/2005 11:06 pm

I'm sorry, couldn't read that. Still crosseyed from reading the story earlier.

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1/1/2006 5:30 pm

LOL happy New Year Friend.....

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1/9/2006 5:09 pm

good story. I enjoy the added fact that I know the places and some of the people. and the ending was a very nice twist ...

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1/13/2006 9:07 am

Great! And you are beautiful TabascoX. Hope to see you around New look familiar.

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