My office dream..  

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12/19/2005 1:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My office dream..

Its a quiet evening here at the office...then you walked in. You shut the door behind you, and locked it without saying a word. You and I both have a habit of staying late..I see you and smile. I stand up from my chair, and you come over to me. You reached for my blouse and grabbed the top..popping a few buttons in your haste. But I dont the same time I am pulling your shirt out of your pants, and unbuttoning it. You reach the last button on my blouse and pull it off of me, revealing my purple bra, and your head dips down to lick my neck as your hands caress my breasts. I sit down on my desk and let you roam with your tongue as I unbuckle your belt, and pull it free of the loops. I reach down into your pants, and hear you gasp as I touch your throbbing member. You take your tongue and reach inside my bra, touching my nipple..circling it with that hot mouth...I tremble with lust. I pull my hands free from you pants, and pull you up to look at me. I sit back farther on my desk, and hike my legs up on my chair....pulling my skirt up above my thighs to reveal the fact that I am naked underneath.
"What a dirty girl you are tonight!" you say..grinning..

I just smile, as I reach behind me to unclasp my bra, and let my breasts free. Now I am almost naked on my desk, and the 3rd floor window curtains are open, and the night stars are lighting the room..

You reach down to touch my leg, and I reach up to turn the lights in my office off. Your hand creeps up my leg, underneath my skirt, and my legs spread further in anticipation of whats to come. My hands reach up and find my nipples, and caress them, and pinch them. You push my skirt up to my waist, and your thumb parts my moist lips, and starts a slow fondling. You other hand pushes me back onto my desk, and I willingly go. I am yours to do with as you please tonight, and you know it.

I spread myself further, and raise my arms in complete abandon...willing you to do with me what you may. You sense that I am eager to please, and you go with it. You take my wrists, and bind me with your necktie..making it impossible for me to move off the desk..and I dont mind at all.

You hands find their way back to my skirt, and spread me again, seeing the wet glistening of my hole, as it is ready to be assaulted by you. You lower your head, and flick your tongue around, and touch my clit..hearing me moan. I shudder, and arch my hips, and you push me back down with a gruff "No." and I obey.

Pulling my zipper down, you rip my skirt off and leave me completely naked on my desk..available for your every desire. You open the curtains further, and make note that "I hope the office across the street is as busy as we are.." and I giggle..

You go back down to my pussy, and begin that assault on my hot wet clit, and I wriggle and moan in delight..but I cant move..Its so hot, and Im so wet below..I find myself straining at the restraints so I can touch myself..fill myself up, but I cant. I am at your mercy, and I want to be filled completely. You know it, and you love to make me wait, and you flick your tongue over and under me...trace my lips with your fingers..with the promise of a filling evening to come. You dip your finger inside...but just barely, and I raise my ass to try to push you deeper, but you resist, and pull out to my chagrin..
Licking me again, and tasting me, you being to push your toungue down into my deepest recesses, and I moan in ecstacy as your hot wet tongue fills up my hole..but its not enough..I want more, and yuu want to give it to me..

You begin a rythym of in and out, circling my clit, and sucking my and out..and I finally cannot stand it anymore and moan loudly..I beg you.."Please, please, fuck me..I must have you inside me..please.."

Begging seems to be what you want, and you drop your pants, and look up at me..with those eyes, and reach a hand up under my ass and take your other hand and tighten the dont want me getting loose..

You tease me by touching the tip of your dick to my wet cunt..and I shiver in ecstacy..both your hands are under my ass, pushing me up, and you begin thrusting...and you fill me up so full..

"Ohhhh, yes, yes...please fuck me harder!" I beg..and you are glad to oblige

Your fingers find my asshole..and one slips inside and makes me scream in complete be completely filled in both holes is a fantasy that I love to have come true..and my hips start to buck, and you lift your head to clamp down on my breast..and continue to thrust and pound in my pussy..and finger fuck my ass. I beging to shiver, and moan, and finally I cannot take it anymore, and I scream in complete release, and my orgasm is so hard and intense that I cannot breathe..I feel so free that you continue fucking me, and I realize that you have picked me up and are fucking me against the glass of the window...any passer by below can see, but I dont care..I pull you closer, and pull you deeper inside me..I never want this cock to leave me..and I thrust myself into your crotch, grinding, and moaning, and that does it for you. I feel you tense up, and the release of your cum is a hot warm welcome inside continue fucking me, and I dont think I can come again, then your fingers wiggle in my ass, and I have another explosive orgasm that leaves me shaking..and you cum again..

We come off of our orgasmic high, and find our selves drenched in the sweat of sex, and smile..

But Im not finished with you yet..

I untie my wrists, and reach down to grab your cock, and I lower my lips to taste myself on you, and I suck every last bit off of you, and begin the slow licking and sucking that I know you lean back, and Im on my mouth taking you deep, and you reach under me, and find my clit again, and I turn myself around to give you better access..only to gasp when I feel that tongue of your reaching deep inside again..I lay down on my side..still sucking your dick, and spread my legs further to give you want you are looking for, and continue my goal of having a cum snack..

My legs begin to shudder, and I feel your thighs tighten, and I know we are both about o cum, so I quicken my tongue work, and feel that hot juice of yours hit the back of my throat, just as I break out in another orgasm that make me dizzy..

Panting, we both lay still for a few minutes, you fingering my clit, and me caressing your balls, and we make a note that we will do this again next week.

rm_clitoral_man 51M
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12/19/2005 2:44 pm

Very erotic start to your blog! Luv your style

NickRules999 39M
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12/19/2005 3:30 pm

Hot story.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

rm_Brokenrail 64M
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12/27/2005 2:34 am

call me

rm_BIGMrE2U 37M
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1/3/2006 4:03 pm

normally stories like this are weak and hardly worth reading. . . . but Damn! You are definitely the exception to the rule and I LOVE the way you think. I can't wait to read another from you. . . or better yet, be your inspiration. Later

redmustang91 57M  
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1/18/2006 10:48 am

Fantastic story, but three orgasms by the guy without stopping to rest in between? That is why they call them fantasies!

rm_sarge200564 52M

1/18/2006 10:59 am

This left me breathless and wanting more, especially you!!

AusTxman032 50M
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1/18/2006 11:00 am

I love office porn, erotic stories..the thought that you may dress professionally at work...but have nothing on underneath..or the sexiest of lingerie.
Great story..keep up the work....and very sexy pic by the way...



rm_pplus80 55M

1/22/2006 5:40 pm

Oh my what a great hot wet story WOW I now want this ti happen to me in my office LOL WOW your story is great and I cant wait to here more or here you moan...

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