Wondering, Fantasizing, Playing you in my mind!  

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4/19/2006 4:02 pm

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3/12/2007 4:47 pm

Wondering, Fantasizing, Playing you in my mind!

Laying here across my bed, thoughts of you,
running through my head.

I wonder if you were here, would we be loving one another,
holding each other near?

Would you kiss and taste me all over, teasing at first,
as you let your hands rover?

Would your mouth taste mine, soft and sensuously,
As we took our sweet time?

Would you hold me tight, feeling my body next to you,
as we lay through the night?

Would the music play, softly surrounding us,
here as we lay?

Would we be one anothers lover, bodies melded together,
touching and feeling each other?

Lying here through the night, my mind keeps this up,
thoughts of you drifting in sight!

I imagine laying here just us two, your body heating me up,
as I begin playing with you.

My legs held high over your hips, arms wrapped round you,
feeling our bodies as they dip!

With each thrust as we meet, our bodies intensify,
feeling each others heat.

My body reacts as I softly groan, feeling you inside,
I start to moan!

The sway of your graceful hips, bucking as they meet me,
tasting my pussies lips.

My breath catching as I hold tight, fucking you,
way into the night!

Our bodies shimmering hot with sweat, gleaming brightly,
getting each other wet.

Nipples hotly thrust forward and tight, feeling each stroke,
as we plunge through the night!

I lay here with you on my mind, meeting stroke with stroke,
making love one more time.

Knowing that it was just that once more, the very last time,
that you'd head for the door.

You'd head home making it right, back to her,
at the end of the night.

I lay here dreaming one more dream, orgasming together,
that's the way it should seem.

While I lay here fantisizing the night through, she'll be there,
her body entwined with you!

My mind freshly wanders as night hits day, thinking of you,
and that one last sweet lay.

uhmmmmmmmm..thoughts of making sweet love to you stay on my mind!!!

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