SHAVED..UNSHAVED?? Does he get the pleasure of shaving you??  

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11/3/2005 5:44 pm

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SHAVED..UNSHAVED?? Does he get the pleasure of shaving you??

I really miss having that special someone around. You know.. those times when we all have someone to hug and hold you, make you feel real close! Someone slipping up behind you and placing their arms around you while they breathe, then slowly begin to nibble the backside of your neck! Make your body tremble and tingle with desire just to hear the low rumble of their voice whispering all kinds of naughty suggestions in your ear!

One of my biggest "misses" though, is to have that special someone who likes to come in and not only wash your body while you're having a relaxing bath..but likes to shave you as well.

I miss the feel of his hands soaped up, sliding between my legs, running ever so gently down them, first one leg then the other. You know as I lay there, that my leg accidently slips back into the water..just to feel him lathering me up all over again. When he does get his hands between me, and I sit still long enough.. (it's so hard when my imagination is having trouble knowing what I want his hands to be doing!) He takes the razor and slowly glides it along my skin...gently erasing any signs of growth that might have arisen since the last time we "played"!

Well, my you can imagine, might take awhile!.. but when he tells me to flip from the front to the back! oh my my!!!! I know exactly where that hand is going.. And damnnnnnnnnnn do I want it there! The soap on his hands freely sliding between my cheeks as he parts them! The feel of his hands stroking along the parting of that tight lil hole! one finger in!.. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn!", I moan...
"what's that? I forgot to shave you??"..he smiles and adds.
I say "back up baby!..I want that later!!!"
he laughs and continues with his shaving.. and then slaps my ass for good measure when he's done!

I glance back round at my red cheeks and then reach back and slide my hands up and in between my ass.. Smooth as a baby's behind!.. I love the feel of it, especially around my hole!

As I turn round the front I offer up to him my goddess of joy! My lips, with my lil pink clit poking out for all to see, just waiting for him to bask in it's glory! Is he going to shave or play, I wonder?? which comes first?? I lift my hips out of the water and undulate slightly from left to right! Pick me, pick me! is all my pussy can think, for right now, he's looking at those rosy red melons jiggling near his face! He can't resist either gives my pussy a quick kiss..then sucks at my tender nipples! driving me insane with desire..

I'M ON FIRE AGAIN, as always!! What the hell, I think..I love it when I'm sidetracked by him torturing me as well as pleasuring us both! He slowly finger fucks me into oblivion! one orgasm after another! as he sucks and nibbles tenderly, fiercely, then gently again. He finishes with a quick shave of my nether region! and it's off to bed we go!

After all..we still have to oil me down and lube me up with him you know! ;D

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