A Virgin Blogger?  

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8/22/2006 7:26 pm

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A Virgin Blogger?

Yes I am a virgin blogger. Not too sure what really is involved in blogging, but here goes, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Since belonging to this site, my sexual drive has just gone crazy! I haven’t been so horny since my teenage years, my 1st ejaculation at 14, a glimpse of a girls bra or panties, a pair of tits in the local paper, would have me racing to a private place to relieve all that pressure. The days of seeing 18 year old bodies, mature, tanned , seeing gorgeous females in bikinis, looking hard to see a glimpse of pubic hair, an erect nipple or trying to get a look at the girls peeing in the bush. Yep, teenage hormones!
My teenage hormones are still here, yeepee! I’m more turned on now by knowing there are so many sexual people out there and being able to read what they have experienced.

I’ve always had an interest in photography, both photo’s and video. Of the partners over the years, have never been able to do much to explore taking shots or even better, video of sexual encounters. Since the digital age is here, wow!, has made things a little easier. Although I’ve taken shots of myself, you can only go so far with this, it would be a turn on for me to come across a male or female who would get very aroused taking photos of me, instead of me taking photos of me!

Always have had a bit of a fantasy about videoing a male/female couple while indulging in their sexual encounter!. Once again, you can only video certain angles of yourselves, where the 3rd party could get those angles you really want to see at a later stage! Another little fantasy seems to be rising here!, if anybody is reading this and would like someone to make a movie of them, would be another turn on!. I would not be interested in keeping any of the footage, but should be left with the participating parties to enjoy later! Could I be an AnCam man? I’m so hard right now, better go do something about it!

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