What you should know about me...  

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9/26/2005 7:27 pm

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What you should know about me...

100 Facts About Me:

Brown hair.

My favorite color is dark blue.

I think my mother was smarter than I give her credit for.

My childhood dream was to be a hockey player or a rock star.

My father was an ass.

I haven't got any kids, 4 exchange students though.

My drink of choice is Diet Coke.

I'm a great cook. My specialties are steak and chicken. No boxes, mixes, or cans, please.

I speak 2 languages.

I have no tolerance for ignorance.

I have 3 cats.

I graduated from high school when I was 18, no regrets.

I have broken 5 bones in my body over my lifetime, none at the same time. Toes not included...

I have a middle name.

I paint the walls and the ceilings.

I have a tendency to get along with women moreso than men.

I was a Boy Scout for 4 years.

I was an financial planner for 17 years before deciding to follow my dreams instead of those of my Father.

Organized religion sux.

I'm not devoted to any political party. I vote for who I feel is best suited for the job.

My favorite holiday is Christmas, although it would be Halloween if it were considered a true holiday.

I'm a self-proclaimed music buff. (no opera).

I have never done yoga.

I have a passion for the Wall Street Journal.

My favorite movie of all time is "Unforgiven."

I have 3 or 4 shot glasses. I lost count a few years ago.

My 2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport gets my motor running.

I loathe golf. (It's boring)

My favorite drink: 21 year old Bushmill's single-malt Irish whiskey (neat).

I was adopted.

I enjoy playing poker.

My don't have a favorite animal. (I hate the zoo)

I don't watch much tv, opting to listen to music or play on the computer instead.

I have no siblings.

I shoot a mean game of pool.

My paternal grandfather didn't like me.

I believe marijuana should be legalized.

I promote stem cell research.

My favorite scent for candles, soaps, and such is vanilla.

My favorite book of all time is "Paradise Lost."

Hockey is a passion...my blood runneth Detroit Red Wing red.

My other grandfather was Hungarian and worked as an electrician for Henry Ford.

I believe pornography can be a healthy aid for any consenting couple.

My childhood best friend of 35 years is male. His wife likes me.

I was a corporate "whore" for a little over 4 years. All told,I have owned my own business for almost 24.

I despise bras.

I'm still looking for my soulmate.

I have visited 12 of the 50 states.

I've never been by Area 51.

I have studied Catholicism, and Buddism.

I played 2 sports in high school: football and tennis.

I have a natural-born fascination with Psychology. It was one of my undergrad minors. I was in Psyops in the military.

I am what I eat. Heathly mostly.

I don't drink coffee.

I don't only blog here.

I have visited 9 foreign countries.

I'm currently sitting here in a tee shirt and jeans.

I'm done with formal education.

I could not be a professional student, although I have a vast thirst for knowledge.

I'm bicurious. Aren't you?

Writing relaxes me.

I bought a coffee maker a few years ago. I use it for guests.

I love frolicking in the midst of nature. So beautiful. (I live in the woods)

My favorite bands of all time: classic - David Bowie, current - Marilyn Manson. (yep, at 47)

Autumn is my favorite season. Changing colors, crisp air, alomst hockey.

I have no tats, although I've considered it a few times.

No piercings.

I wish my wife would consider a boob job.

I donate blood.

I am not very active in my community, although when we have an exchange student the level changes dramatically.

I have always wanted to go to Hedonism.

I think Larry Brown is by far the best basketball coach of all time.

My hate baseball.

My toy box runneth over.

I have residences in 1 state.

I'm not secretly stalking anyone.

I don't own a gun, although in the military I have killed people.

I support the death penalty with sufficient evidence.

My favorite comedian: George Carlin.

I saw Iggy Pop in Detroit a bunch of times.

My favorite undergrad class was "Organic Chemistry."

I have several sexual fantasies I plan on bringing to fruition. No, they don't involve a transvestite.

The majority of my professional clothing is blue and based around casual pieces. My mother is dead.

I don't have an ankle bracelet.

I like fresh spinach. I'll eat most anything else not nailed down or moving too fast.

I have 1 cell phone.

Zermatt, Switzerland is my favorite city to visit.

I favor Dominance in the bedroom. (but, I can switch)

I had a glass of OJ for breakfast.

I have 1 desktop and two laptop computers.

Ireland is my next overseas vacation destination.

It still rips my heart out when I travel to Germany and visit the concentration camps. I imagine it always will.

I keep my hair short

I love all women.

My grandmother never instilled anything in me. On the weekends I go out 'commando'.

I love nice lingerie, it's very sexy. I sleep nekked.

I hate my exercise machine. I use it, but I hate it.

My favorite candy bar: any European chocolate.

My favorite quote: "Bullocks!" - became quite popular with the Sex Pistols.

Interesting things you didn't know about me...


areugame4 46M

9/26/2005 9:59 pm

If I didn't know me better I would say you were talking bout me.... but I am just that way.... I love to hang on water coolers... thank god this morning I was in the mood for coffee.... or my mind would be in a tremendous whirl bout now.... Thanks

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