What is it About Pain...  

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9/26/2005 8:06 pm

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What is it About Pain...

...that drive me over the edge?

I'm not a freak. I love pain. I love inflicting it. I love receiving it. The last time I was with a woman from another blog site... she bit me so hard, so many times, I ended up with an 8 inch bruise on my chest. It was heaven...

I am dominant, but, depending on the partner, I can switch. When two dominant personalities get together, one has to decide that the other will be in charge for a while, then switch. If two people can come to that agreement... then, all is well.

My wife is totally vanilla. Nothing freaky in any way. I knew that going in to our marriage, but, from time to time, I need (yes, need) to mate with another person who is into pain. So, off I go to the Detroit area for a night or two of wild, crazy, painful, exhausting sex. I return satisfied, battered, bruised... and happy.

My workmates think I'm a little crazy. Secretly, I think they all wish they were in my shoes. Hot sex with a woman that has no boundaries. None. Anything goes... both ways. Whatever she wants, she takes; whatever I want, I take. Her husband knows, but doesn't care.

So, there's a little more info about me...

Oh, just in case you were wondering... Marilyn Manson rocks.

...Pain- they want it
Pain- they want it
Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain

You came to see the mobscene
I know it isn't your scene
It's better than a sex scene
And it's so fucking obscene
Obscene, yeah...

mOBSCENE - Marilyn Manson


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