"My name is Buck.....  

rm_Sz13Shoe2 35M
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8/29/2006 12:20 pm
"My name is Buck.....

.....and I'm here to fuck." Remember that line from Kill Bill Vol 1. Well that's pretty much how I've felt since I discovered my anatomy, which was relatively early on in life. I found that, when I was younger, I have the gift. What is the gift you might ask?

The gift to give great sex everytime around. Well, 98% of the time at least. The other 2% don't really count because I was too drunk to really remember, and if I don't remember it didn't happen. Sex to me is my own artform. I use it like a painter with colors and canvas, I create sexually masterpieces. Multiple orgasmic experiences to be enjoyed over and over again.

Hope to create some more fine art with some of you ladies out there...holla back!


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