More Risky Behavior  

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8/16/2006 5:43 am

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More Risky Behavior

To those who read my last post, you know where my adventure left off. The problem is, I did leave something off. My glasses. I don't need them all the time, so its easy to see how I left them in his car. (I wear them to correct a problem involving eye strain, but I can see fine. My eyes only suffer if I go awhile without them.)

So I've been without my glasses since the weekend before last. I think I must have left them behind subconsciously, so I could go to him and petition for their return.

I enjoyed giving him head so much! You know, I think I would take it up as a hobby if it were more socially acceptable (and less of a risky behavior). There was just something so great about him fondling and squeezing my breasts on the way home. He even took an extra lap around the block to play with them some more.

As I mentioned, he and I had messed around a little once before. This time it started with him just reaching over and giving my nipple a pinch. That soon turned into a caress, and then before long his hand wound up down the front of my shirt. That's when I found myself taking off my bra for better access. We took the scenic route through the school zone so he could feel them bounce as we rode over speed bumps.

Not far from home he suddenly pulled over in a residential area and before I knew it he had his seat back and pants down. Once I saw that rock hard cock I couldn't resist. I went for it, but started by sucking his poor purple nuts first. My favorite part was when he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth. Just about the time I was letting him know to "just tell me what you like," he came. Depending on the person, I happily swallow. And with that, he drops me off and we say our farewells.

I think that's why I forgot my glasses. I want to thank him for keeping them safe for me. The really crazy part is that this all happened. I didn't even realize how wild this all was until I wrote it down. And it was a very unexpected coincidence that he wound up driving me home that night. Like I said, I REALLY want to thank him for keeping my glasses safe.

Smiley_97 42M
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8/31/2006 10:09 pm


It is amazing how many things seem so very sane when we do them, but when you put them down on paper, or say them out realize how wild and/or crazy they really were.

Can't wait to meetcha.

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