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7/1/2006 12:50 pm

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First Entry

Hi all! Well, I've always wanted to blog, but didn't quite expect that my first would be on an alt site...

Hmmm... for now I won't talk too much about who I am. I'm in the middle of a divorce and want to stay relatively anonymous until it's over.

I'll tell you a little though. I'm 31, live in Bangor, Maine, have a son, and have been interested in an alternative lifestyle for about ten years. I've had a bit of history with it, whenever possible. I had a couple of girlfriends about five years ago that were into it too, and that worked out really well. My current wife isn't so into it... she had sex with a couple of guys over the past few years, but it really wasn't her thing.

My interest in swinging is in one of two things: My g/f would sleep with other guys, whether I'm there or not, or we'd mess with a couple where the guy was bi-curious. I am curious, and have messed around a little, but never done more than a blowjob.

But... all of that said, I'm most interested in finding someone looking for a relationship too. I'm not looking to jump into anything too serious right off, but I'd like to get to know someone, see where it leads. This time around I have some requirements, though, something I've never done before. But I really want to find someone like-minded, someone who is a positive person, someone who will support me in my endeavors, someone who will let me support them in theirs, someone who loves kids, someone who (and I know this sounds weird) will be honestly committed to a relationship with me, but with the flexibility of being able to swing, as long as both of us are willing and in agreement with the other person/people.

Okay, this sounds more like a ranting personal ad, so I'll cut it off her. I'll write more later if it seems like people are interested in reading. Let me know, drop me a line, chat me, whatever. I'm new to this system, so I don't know what it can do.

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